Radio Spot Apocalypse 2: The Second Coming
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Radio Spot Apocalypse 2: The Second Coming

If you enjoyed our first Radio Spot Collection, then get ready for Volume 2. It’s bigger, badder, and bolder than the original! Cinema Wasteland’s Radio Spot Apocalypse 2 offers up original radio trailers and advertisements to over 250 Drive-In Movies and Attractions from the 60’s and 70’s on four CDs. Arranged alphabetically from A (Airport) to Z (Zardoz), there isn’t a single spot repeated from the first volume. A few of the same films show up on both volumes, but there are zero repeat spots on Volume 2 that were used on Volume 1. That’s 396 total tracks on four CDs that represent 222 different movies and 16 different double features alone. And peppered throughout this second collection are several original Drive-In Intermission spots and advertisements, a series of actual answering machine messages from moron America, and a few surprises along the way. Total running time for the four discs is 288 minutes, or 4 hours and 48 minutes if your prefer. And if agreed with the reviews and thought our last collection was “amazing” and “exhaustive”... You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

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