John Wayne Gacy "Pogo the Clown" Photo
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John Wayne Gacy "Pogo the Clown" Photo

John Wayne Gacy, the predator and serial killer who buried 26 bodies under his tiny little Chicago suburb house between 1972 and 1978 used to dress as a clown - Pogo The Clown - for neighborhood parties and such. When he was caught and sent to prison, he started painting for people to earn money and one of the more popular paintings he did was of him as “Pogo the Clown.” When he did them, he used a 4x6” family photo from December 1977 as reference. As his death sentence grew near, his painting slowed and he signed the photo on the back and gave it to a friend that used to write and visit him in prison. We obtained the photo from her in late 1999 and have scanned and used it numerous times since then. We’ve gone and matted up our scanned color photo of Gacy as “Pogo” in two different sizes. Hang one next to your own family photos or your spare bedroom for guest to see. If they ask, tell them how much you “Miss your Uncle John… He was so much fun at parties.” Comes with a little scan of the original photo’s full length front and signed back. Ready to frame!  

11x14” Matted Photo as Pogo The Clown

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