Radio Spot Apocalypse 5: Classic Radio Commercials

Radio Spot Apocalypse 5: Classic Radio Commercials

Radio Spot Apocalypse Volume 5 doesn’t feature audio trailers for classic, and not so classic films like the previous 4 volumes did. This time around we’re celebrating classic, and not so classic Radio Commercials, Public Service Announcements, Radio Station Plugs, and Assorted Advertising Promos from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s of FM radio.

Included are radio spots designed to get businesses to advertise on the radio, commercials and jingles for Candy, Soda, Beer, Cigarettes, various Stores and Car Dealerships, Classic Albums, Restaurants, and More! Remember New Coke?... You’ll find a few radio commercials for that disaster included on this collection. How about “Frank and Louie” the Budweiser Lizards, or a couple of truly bizarre Ban Deodorant radio commercials? Yep, they’re included as well, along with dozens of classic 60s and 70s bands selling everything from bath soap, to drink mix, blue jeans, beer, and breakfast cereal. There was a time when radio ruled and the clever and witty radio commercials and jingles were just as popular as a Number One Hit Single. Relive those days with this Collection of Classic Radio Commercials and we’re willing to bet you’ll be singing along with a timeless radio jingle from your past in no time. Radio Spot Apocalypse Volume 5 features 159 radio commercials on 2 CDs. Running time is approximately 158 minutes and well worth the listen.

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