Shock Cinema #54
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Shock Cinema #54

Tired of reading… or more than likely just ignoring the same movie reviews over and over every time another DVD or blu-ray reissue is released just because the magazine got a free copy? Us too. But we love movie reviews so we tend to read 99% of the reviews in every issue of Shock Cinema. Why? Because SC reviews “Wasteland Films” - the oddball stuff that falls between the cracks, made for TV movies, and assorted oddball cult films. The movie reviews, along with a few book reviews and some always interesting interviews brings us back issue after issue after issue. Oh, and speaking of interviews, SC 54 features interviews with James Darren (The Guns of Navarone, Time Tunnel), Kathleen Wilhoite (Murphy’s Law, Road House, Private School), Ron Masak (Ice Station Zebra, Evel Knievel), Fred Melamed (Lady Dynamite), and Robert Klane (Where’s Poppa?, Weekend At Bernies, Fire Sale). Best of all? While other magazines are now horribly over-priced for what is actually between the cover, SC is still only $5.00

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