Darkman Trilogy , The

Darkman Trilogy , The

From director / producer Sam Raimi comes the pulp action here, Darkman. In the first film, DARKMAN (1990) directed by Raimi, we meet Dr. Peyton Westlake (Liam Neeson), a scientist on the verge of a major breakthrough in a synthetic skin that can help burn victims when a gang blows up his lab and changes his life forever.

In DARKMAN 2: THE RETURN OF DURANT (1995), Darkman returns to get revenge against the sadistic villain, Robert Durant.

In DARKMAN 3: DIE DARKMAN DIE (1996), Darkman matches wits with underworld drug dealer Peter Rooker, who will do anything to unmask the secret of Darkman superhuman strength.

All three films presented in anamorphic widescreen versions.  DVD

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