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  • Screem #15

    Jaws: the Documentary, the World of Vampires, Johnny Legend’s Mania Madness and Spider Baby: 40 Years Later with director Jack Hill are all covered in the latest issue of Screem. You also get an interview with John Waters regular Mink Stole, a look at some of the films of Crown International, and plenty of DVD and movie reviews.
    • $8.00
  • Screem #16

    Spine Tingler, the new documentary on William Castle, plus a look at some of his films. Simon King of Witches, Barn of the Naked Dead and Centerfold Girls: The 70’s exploitation trilogy of Andrew Prine. RIP Carlos Aured. Masters of the Grind documentary interview. Director Kim Ki-Duk, Ray Dennis Steckler, news, reviews, and so much more!
    • $8.00
  • Screem #18

    Several of Screem’s writers reminisce about the “Films That Scarred Us For Life” in this special edition. You also get articles and/or reviews on Ace Records two latest releases, Rod Serling’s Night Gallery, vocalist/singer Edda Dell’Orso, remembering the movie 5IVE, a guide to the first season of Tales From the Crypt, and the usual batch of movie and DVD reviews.
    • $8.00
  • Screem #21

    Hitchcock’s PSYCHO and all its sequels. Interview with Bert Gordon about his film, CYCLOPS, on DVD. A look at SLITHIS, HORROR HIGH, Ingrid Pitt, Playboy playmates and horror films, the new version of METROPOLIS, and so much more. Add in a few movie reviews and you can’t beat the new issue of Screem as one of the best horror movie mags out there today.
    • $8.00
  • Screem #24

    Screem takes a look at Dark Shadows, old and new. Ted Bohas talks about his 1983 cult film The Deadly Spawn, check out a retrospect of killer doll movies, Andy Milligan lost film Nightbirds is covered along with the story of Rock and Roll comics, the film careers of Francoise (you may not know her name, but you’ll know some of the movies she was in) Pascal and Ray Milland are covered, and they take a look at the horror classic, Black Zoo. Plus, an interview with Prometheus screenwriter Jon Spaihts and the usual mountain of movie and DVD reviews are all within the pages of Screem 24.
    • $8.00

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