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  • 11 Harrowhouse (1974)

    Spy thriller. 4 different B&W photos and 3 color lobby photos. That’s 7 different photos total.

    • $10.00
  • 24 Hour Man (1970)

    Complete set of 10 original photos for AIP sex comedy.

    • $12.00
  • Adventures of Brisco County Jr. , The

    Set of 4 color photos of Bruce Campbell and John Astin from the short lived TV series.

    • $10.00
  • Beach Girls (1982) , The

    Teen exploitation fun with Debra Blee, Val Kline, Jeana Keough, and Adam Roarke. Original 10x8” US photo set of 8 cards. These are always the photos they use on the full sized lobby card sets.

    • $15.00
  • Best Seller (1987)

    Cop drama with Brian Dennehy and James Woods. Set of 7 original photos.

    • $10.00
  • Bikini Beach (1964)

    Drag racing beach comedy classic with Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, Don Rickles, John Ashley, and Keenan Wynn. 6 original B&W photos.
    • $20.00
  • Bloody Mama (1970)

    Shelly Winters is “Ma Barker” in AIP exploitation film. 4 original photos. Nice cast shots too.

    • $10.00
  • Cat People (1982)

    5 Original B&W Photos for the Paul Shrader’s horror film. The photos feature Malcolm McDowall, Nastassia Kinksi and Annette O’Toole. One photo has a small corner bent in the top right corner of the photo but otherwise all are in nice condition.

    • $10.00
  • Cauldron of Blood (1968)

    One of Boris Karloff’s last films. Four B&W paper stock photos. Three feature nice shots of Karloff, one has a “Cauldron of Blood” tag glued in the upper left corner. They could be cut foreign lobby cards turned into photos, but they are in nice condition and well worth grabbing if you are a Karloff collector.
    • $20.00
  • Cool Breeze (1972)

    Blaxploitation crime thriller, with Thalmus Rasulala, Judy Pace, an Raymond St. Jacques. Presskit. Complete with several pages of movie and cast information, a set of 8 original B&W photos 8x10", and the original folder it came in. All in all, in Very Good condition.

    • $25.00
  • Creatures The World Forgot (1971)

    Hammer films sci-fi thriller sort of film, with Julie Ege, Tony Bonner, and Robert John. Complete 10x8 full color photo set in Near Mint condition.

    • $30.00
  • Crimewave (1985)

    Director Sam Raimi crime comedy with Paul L. Smith, Louise Lasser, Brion James, Shere Wilson, and Bruce Campbell. Set of eight 10x8” original British lobby photos.

    • $20.00
  • Exorcism's Daughter (1971)

    Cult Spanish possession horror from director Rafael Moreno Alba. Set of ten original 8x10” B&W photos.

    • $30.00
  • Explosion (1970)

    Viet Nam exploitation stuff with Don Stroud and Gordon Thomson. Original photo set of 10 photos, plus credits and movie hype sheets.

    Please note that photos are extremely hard to photograph, the glare is really bad.  If it looks like glare it is, there are NO weird marks or colorations, these are original B&W photos.

    • $15.00
  • Final Conflict: Omen 3 (1981) , The

    The Final Conflict: Omen 3 - 5 original B&W stills for the last of the “Omen” trilogy.

    Please note that photos are extremely hard to photograph, the glare is really bad.  If it looks like glare it is, there are NO weird marks or colorations, these are original B&W photos.

    • $10.00
  • Fly (1986) , The

    David Cronenberg’s terrific horror remake with Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis, John Getz, and Joy Boushel. Original 10x8” color photo set in Very Good condition.

    • $45.00
  • Garland: 6 Photo Set , Beverly

    Best known for 1950’s B movies and 1960’s - 80’s TV work, here we have a collection of six B&W 50s and 60s photos of Beverly Garland (10/17/26 - 12/5/08). Lots of great studio shots including a couple from B horror films like The Alligator People (1959) and Curucu Beast of the Amazon (1956).

    • $15.00
  • Island of Terror (1967)

    Director Terence Fisher’s cult horror favorite with Peter Cushing, Edward Judd, and Carol Gray.

    Six original B&W photos includes a couple of the monster’s tentacles grabbing people (including Peter Cushing).

    • $30.00
  • King Kong (1976)

    Fun remake of the classic horror film, with Jeff Bridges, Charles Grodin, Jessica Lange, John Randolph, Julius Harris, and Jack O’Halloran. Original 10x8” full color photo set in Very Good condition.

    • $50.00
  • Let the Good Times Roll (1973)

    1950s rock ‘n roll documentary with live clips from Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Bo Diddly, Fats Domino, etc. 3 original B&W photos.
    • $10.00
  • Mad Max (1979)

    Director George Miller’s sci-fi car chase thriller with Mel Gibson and Roger Ward. Rare original set of eight 10x8” color photos. These are the same photos used on the US lobby card set. In Very Good condition.

    • $125.00
  • Moonraker (1979)

    Roger Moore is back as “James Bond”, with Lois Chiles, Richard Kiel, Michael Lonsdale, and Corinne Clery. 3 original B&W photos.
    • $12.00
  • Mr. No Legs (1979)

    aka The Amazing Mr. No Legs.  Drive-In exploitation with Richard Jaeckel, Ron Slinker, and John Agar was directed by “The Creature From the Black Lagoon” himself, Ricou Browning. Original Pressbook. 4 printed pages with no cuts features the original full color poster artwork on the front and includes two 8x10” promotional photos. Very uncommon to find.

    • $25.00
  • Pardon My Blooper (1974)

    A collection of classic radio and TV bloopers. Original set of eight 10x8” photos have a great photo with the blooper printed out below the photo.
    • $20.00
  • School Girls Growing Up (1972)

    aka School Girl Report 3. German soft sex exploitation was originally rated X for some odd reason. 5 original B&W photos in good displayed condition. All in displayed condition with the original X rating blacked out at the bottom of the photo. They even tried to put some big panties on a girl with her dress hiked up, which is rather funny.

    • $15.00
  • Seventh Sign (1988), The

    Original set of 9 B&W 8x10" photos.

    Please ignore the weird bluish coloration on the set of photos on the right.  For some reason sometimes photographing B&W photos they pick up a weird bluish tint in the camera, that is NOT actually there.  They look like the first group of pictures as fas as blue goes.  As you can see it even changes the floor color.


    • $12.00
  • Slaughter's Big Rip-Off (1973)

    Blaxploitation flick with Jim Brown, Don Stroud, Ed McMahon as the lead “bad guy” and Gloria Hendry.   12 original B&W 8x10” photos at a nice price.

    • $40.00
  • Soul Soldier (1972)

    aka The Red, White, and Black.  Bud Cardos directed blaxploitation western with Robert DoQui, Isaac Fields, and Barbara Hale.  Complete set of eight full color 8x10” lobby photos.

    • $25.00
  • Strange Invaders (1983)

    Sci-Fi horror film with Paul LeMat, Nancy Allen, Diana Scarwid, Michael Lerner, and Louise Fletcher. Original set of eight 10x8” color lobby card photos in Near Mint condition.
    • $25.00
  • Thief of Baghdad (1961)

    Fantasy-adventure with Steve Reeves, Georgia Moll, and Edy Vessel. 6 original B&W photos.
    • $18.00
  • Village of the Damned (1960)

    Creepy British sci-fi / horror classic, with George Sanders, Barbara Shelley, Michael Gwynn, John Phillips, and Richard Vernon. Original set of 8 B&W press photos in Very Good condition.

    • $60.00
  • Wizards (1977)

    Director Ralph Bakshi’s animated cult sci-fi fantasy adventure was a popular Midnight movie back in the late 70s and early 80s. Uncommon to find original 10x8” US photo set of 8 cards. These are the photos they used on the full sized lobby card sets.

    • $55.00
  • Woodstock (1970)

    Michael Wadleigh’s film about the August 15-17, 1969 music festival is a great time capsule of the “Peace and Love” movement. 20 original B&W photo’s re-stamped for the 1976 re-release of the film.

    • $65.00
  • Yor: The Hunter from the Future (1983)

    Antonio Margheriti directed sci-fi fantasy-adventure with Reb Brown, Corinne Clery, and John Streiner. Complete set of eight original 10x8” color lobby card photos in Near Mint condition.
    • $30.00

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