Pit (1981) , The
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Pit (1981) , The

There were more than a few killer kid films in the 1970’s and 80’s but none were as much fun as The Pit. Jamie is not a likable kid. He’s downright creepy, has a weird obsession with sex, and his only friend is an evil Teddy bear. Even his parents see he’s not right, so when they decide to go out of town, they leave the creepy kid at home with a babysitter. Jamie discovers a pit out in the woods, and someTHING is living down deep in at the bottom of the hole. He begins by tossing meat and food stuff down the hole, but one day, his Teddy bear has a better idea… Get rid of the people you don’t like by tossing them down the pit. And the fun begins. Remastered in HD, this release also includes commentary by two guys who had nothing to do with making the film, several interviews and a trailer gallery.  DVD

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