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Invisible Man - 2 Signature Matte
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Invisible Man - 2 Signature Matte

2-Signature Matte - Here we have a vintage fountain pen signature of Claude Rains clipped from a note and affixed on a piece of paper with a small stamp featuring his portrait as well as a nice bold signature from costar Gloria Stuart. The two signatures are matted along with a large B&W photo from the film of Stewart confronting Rains as the “Invisible Man” and matted to an overall 18x18” matte size. Rains was notorious for not wanting to sign his autograph for fans and is quite rare.

MATTED PHOTOS:  Each autograph is an actual signature (or signatures) matted with the described photo and NOT an actual signed photo or item.  ALL pieces make attractive display pieces ready to slide into a frame and hang on the wall.

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