Satan's Sadists (1969)
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Satan's Sadists (1969)

Al Adamson’s best known biker film, with Russ Tamblyn, Scott Brady, Bud Cardos, Robert Dix, Gary Kent, Greydon Clark, and Regina Carrol. Original B&W “Manson Family” style US one-sheet poster features actual Manson family newspaper headlines in a collage to make it look like the bikers are the killers in the headlines (since the film was filmed at Spahn Movie Ranch at the same time the “family” was living there.)

A very rare poster since they quickly changed up the poster art and ad campaign. This poster is in good overall condition. It’s complete but has some wrinkling about two thirds down. (It was originally tri-folded and somebody folded it backwards and caused the wrinkling in storage. No big deal as it can be flattened out if framed.) It has two small corners missing from the top because somebody once taped it up, and it has a small 2x1 inch piece missing from the left border area by the “S” in the Satan’s Sadists title. You really wouldn’t see the corners or the small piece if framed. A very rare poster.

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