Not of This Earth (1988)
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Not of This Earth (1988)

Director Jim Wynorski has made a shit ton of low budget films over the course of his career, so it’s safe to say not all of them were Academy Award winning gems. This remake of the 1957 sci-fi / horror classic however, hits on all marks. When a mysterious stranger arrives in town, he hires Nadine (Traci Lords, just past her underage porn career) as his private nurse. Sure the pay is great, but why do his requests for blood transfusions become more frequent? And where does everyone who comes to the house disappear to? It isn’t long before Nadine realizes that her new boss is not who he says he is… and he’s Not From This Earth! Anamorphic widescreen transfer with commentary with Wynorski and Lords, interview, trailer, and more. DVD

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