Shock Cinema #51
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Shock Cinema #51

While other magazines disappear, turn into shells of their former self, and/or just plain ol’ suck, Shock Cinema survives by doing what it’s always done. Namely, offering up first rate interviews, like it does this time around with Dabney Coleman, Chris Sarandon, Tracey Walter, Mills Watson, and David Hewitt; as well as offering up loads of well written reviews for films that haven’t been reviewed to death every time a DVD company re-issues something you’ve seen a hundred times and sends out screeners knowing you’ll get some lame ass review you’ve already read a dozen times. Fuckin’ A… I’m really sick and tired of seeing the same shit reviews time after time in other magazines! Fortunately, I always find stuff to read and reviews of films I haven't seen in Shock Cinema, and you will too. And the best part? It all comes at your for a measly $5.

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