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  • The ultimate fanzine devoted to all things Grindhouse and Drive-In… with a little wrestling and assorted bull shit tossed in for good measure.  A sneak peek at adult director and performer Carter Stevens biography, Gary Kent dishes out the dirt on THE SAVAGE 7, a look at Bruiser Brody, biker films, growing up at the drive-in, and more.  110 pages.

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  • Summer/Fall 1995. Classic monster movie monster maker, Paul Blaisdell. Monster making made easy. A look at George Pal. A look at 3-D movies, horror greats on the old Route 66 TV show, Vincent Price defends the horror film, when monster movies invaded TV and more! Special “extra pages” edition.
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  • This issue of the British import horror movie review magazine features over 30 new movie reviews, complete with tons of rare ad art and photos. Plus, an interview with “Ilsa” director Don Edmonds.
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