Mad Max: The Road Warrior Figures - Gyro Captain
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Mad Max: The Road Warrior Figures - Gyro Captain

Limited Release! It was a white-line nightmare… man and machine locked in desperate pursuit of the “juice”… the precious juice… into this battlefield came Max… the Road Warrior. From the creators of the ultra-hot Matrix action figures comes this exciting, new series of action figures based on the classic post-apocalyptic epic, The Road Warrior, starring Mel Gibson! All your favorite heroes and villains from this action/adventure classic are brought to vivid miniature life in this series, including Mad Max (w/dog), Mad Max (w/The Feral Kid), Gyro Captain, Warrior Woman (Farscape’s Virgina Hey), Wez, and The Humungous! Each figure features several points of articulation, as well as accessories and weapons specific to the characters.

Gyro Captain

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