Herald Lot - Drive-in Double Features
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Herald Lot - Drive-in Double Features

Heralds’s are generally 8.5x11” advertising sheets given away by theaters and drive-in’s to promote upcoming films. All of these original 1950’s and 1960’s Heralds are from the Dixie Litho Co. and Kay Film Exchange out of Atlanta, GA. In this lot, you’ll get one herald from the following 8 different double features: A DANGEROUS AGE (1959) and SHE SHOULDA SAID NO (1949) aka Wild Weed. EEGAH (1962) and THE CHOPPERS (1961) an Arch Hal, Jr. double feature. THE FIREBALL (1950) and HOLLYWOOD THRILL MAKERS (1954). LAUREL AND HARDY 3-FEATURE SHOW! Featuring Blockheads (1938), Way Out West (1937) and Pack Up Your Troubles (1932). A LUST TO KILL (1958) and THE BEATNICKS (1960). PRIVATE PROPERTY (1960) and A QUESTION OF ADULTERY (1958). TASK FORCE (1949) and John Ford’s STAGECOACH (1939). THE VIOLENT YEARS (1956) written by Ed Wood, Jr. and HOTHEAD (1963).

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