Lobby Cards/Pressbks

All lobby cards are original in near mint to mint condition unless noted. 
All Pressbooks, ad slicks etc are original in good used to near mint unused condition and contain no cuts unless noted otherwise.

Items: 201209 of 209, per page
  • Early biker exploitation with Robert Dix, Don Epperson, and Casey Casem. Five original 11x14” US lobby cards are complete, but in fair displayed condition. Missing cards 1, 4, and 7 to make a complete set.

    • $12.00
  • Director Ralph Bakshi’s animated cult sci-fi fantasy adventure was a popular Midnight movie back in the late 70s and early 80s. Uncommon to find original 10x8” US photo set of 8 cards. These are the photos they used on the full sized lobby card sets.

    • $55.00
  • German white slave trade exploitation with Robert Woods and Veronique Vendell was released in the US in 1975 by Independent International. 11x17” US pressbook. 4 page fold-out style with no cuts.

    • $10.00
  • Michael Wadleigh’s film about the August 15-17, 1969 music festival is a great time capsule of the “Peace and Love” movement. 20 original B&W photo’s re-stamped for the 1976 re-release of the film.

    • $65.00
  • Irvin Kershner directed exploitation film with Steven Marlo, Luanna Patten, and Tom Selden. Set of eight 11x14” US lobby cards. Several cards have been displayed, but all are in good condition

    • $25.00
  • Surprisingly funny and strange comedy. Original set of 8 small sized (8x10”) lobby cards.

    • $8.00
  • Al Adamson teen sex comedy pressbook. 11x17” size. 4 printed pages with no cuts. Retitled Young Gangs in 1980 for drive-in re-release.

    • $12.00
  • Western action with James Mitchum, Alana Ladd, Jody McCrea, Chill Wills, and Gary Conway. Complete set of eight origianl 11x14” US lobby cards all feature nice cast shots.

    *Please ignore the glare on the right side of the lobby cards in the pictures.  (glare=color is slightly lighter)  The paper is somewhat glossy and shows glare. Actual item does not have the glare.

    • $30.00
  • Western action with Ray Stricklyn, Willard Parker, Merry Anders, and Robert Dix. Complete set of eight original 11x14” US lobby cards features a great title card.

    • $35.00
Items: 201209 of 209, per page