In a Glass Cage (1986)
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In a Glass Cage (1986)

Cult Spanish cult exploitation flick finds an ex-Nazi concentration camp doctor who had a thing about committing appalling sex crimes against young boys escapes to Spain after the war. It isn’t long before his depraved desires have him once again destroying the lives of children, until shame and despair drive him to take his own life. He fails, and winds up confined to an iron lung. His resentful wife just about has enough of taking care of him when a young man arrives and offers up his services as a nurse. Against his wife’s better judgement, he accepts the young man’s offer and a seriously perverse relationship develops between the young man and the crippled Nazi. When the nurse finds the doctors war time diaries, things get ever weirder… and a new spat of child killings begins once again. Uncut, uncensored version, in Spanish with English subtitles.  DVD

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