Henry Hill Original Water Color Painting
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Henry Hill Original Water Color Painting

The guy the movie Goodfellas (1990) was based on, Henry “The Rat” Hill (June 11, 1943 - June 12, 2012) was a low level gangster turned informant. He did speaking tours after he wrote the book, Wiseguy, that Goodfellas was based on and did watercolor paintings of various scenes out of the book and film. In all truth, the guy wasn’t the best artist in the world, but that’s half the charm.

Here we have an original 15x11” painting in water color and poster paint of a large rat, with a pistol and the italian flag colors in the corner. It has the quote from the book and film, “As far back as I can remember I’ve always wanted to be a gangster” written on it, and is signed by Henry Hill in the lower right hand corner.

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