Gore House Greats: 12 Film Collection
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Gore House Greats: 12 Film Collection

Here’s an eclectic mix of drive-in horror and exploitation films that includes several that haven’t made it to DVD as yet, along with a few you’ll find in several DVD collections. You get the uncommon to find Al Adamson horror film BLOOD OF DRACULA’S CASTLE (1968), the cool gothic horror flick BLOOD MANIA (1970), sci-fi thriller BRAIN TWISTERS (1991), voodoo horror with THE DEVIL’S HAND (1962), They Saved Hitler’s Brain under the title MADMAN OF MANDORAS (1963), Cameron Mitchell in the often times hilarious NIGHTMARE IN WAX (1969), Satanic slop with PRIME EVIL (1988), Michael Gough torturing young women in SATAN’S SLAVE (1976), deadly snake exploitation in director William Grefe’s STANLEY (1972), early slasher type horror with TERRIFIED (1963), British cult horror film TERROR (1978), and classic drive-in exploitation with TRIP WITH THE TEACHER (1975). Over 17 hours worth of drive-in movie excitement on three DVDs.
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