Beast in Heat (1977) , The
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Beast in Heat (1977) , The

Working in an experimental Nazi lab, the Ilsa-esque lieutenant, Dr. Ellen Kratsch enjoys tossing nubile young women to her prize subject, the “Beast”  in order to breed a new race. Lots of brutal soft core sex scenes, some mismatched footage from director Luigi Batzella’s unfinished film, When The Bell Tolls. Dr. Kratsch in sexy attire, more brutal sex scenes, some occasional dialogue, no real plot, and there you have it, The Beast in Heat, one of the original British “video nasties” that, unlike 99.9% of the other films on the list may have actually deserved to be called a “video nasty.” Never released in America, Beast in Heat looks far better than it should as it was scanned from original 35mm film elements. Includes a featurette on Nazisploitation films, interview, and trailer.  DVD

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