Species: The Complete Collection
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Species: The Complete Collection

All four films in the horror ‘n sci-fi Species film series, including SPECIES (1995) where Natasha Henstridge plays Eve, a beautiful alien-human hybrid that escapes captivity looking to mate with men in order to produce offspring that can destroy mankind.

In SPECIES 2 (1998) Eve (Henstridge) is back and used to lure an astronaut that returned to Earth infected and becoming a half alien entity with the same desires to mate as Eve has.

In SPECIES 3 (2004), Eve’s daughter Sara (Sunny Mabrey) is born… And yep, you guessed it. She’s out to repopulate Earth with her kind. Trouble is, there is a military team out to kill her as to end this whole alien hybrid mess once and for all.

In SPECIES: THE AWAKENING (2007), a brilliant college professor find out that she is a alien-human hybrid clone and flees to Mexico in search of the scientist that created her. Once there, they discover a whole horde of rampaging hybrids they have to contend with.  DVD

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