Mad Max Trilogy: Steel Book , The
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Mad Max Trilogy: Steel Book , The

Blu-ray Discs - All three of the Mel Gibson “Mad Max” films on blu-ray and packaged in a cool steel book case. In the original MAD MAX (1979), Max is out for revenge in a self-destructing world when a violent motorcycle gang kills his wife and child.

In THE ROAD WARRIOR (1981), things have gotten worse… to the point that we are now living in a post-apocalyptic Australian wasteland. Max, the cynical drifter agrees to help a group of survivors living in a small refinery escape a horde cutthroats led by The Humungus, a metal masked madman.

In MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME (1985), we find Max exiled from the most advanced town left in the post apocalyptic Australia and traveling with a group of abandoned children to rebel against the town’s evil “Queen” (Tina Turner) in the most underrated entry in the series. Thunderdome makes its blu-ray debut, and the other two feature minimal extras.

*Please Note: This is a Blu-ray DVD, so it won’t play in a standard DVD player.

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