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  • (1952 - 2009) - Here we have the golden age adult star Marilyn Chambers signed twice on a DVD of Up ‘n Coming (1983) with John Holmes and Lisa DeLeeuw in black sharpie twice - once on the cover, to “Ed - With Lust” and on the DVD itself.  - *18+ to purchase

    • $100.00
  • Devil's Wind (2017) , A
    • 33% less

    aka Dicknado. After a storm hits New Jersey, the Bill Zebub weirdness begins! If you’ve seen a Bill Zebub movie, then we certainly don’t need to describe this one. (18+ to order)

    • $9.99
  • Fifty Shades of Scarlett (2016)
    • 20% less

    Blu-ray Disc.  Scarlet Storm has been working in the indy sexploitation film business for a few years now. Catch her in this double dose of indy films, including CRIPPLED BY DESIRE, where she is a woman tormented by a depraved intruder, as well as QUANTUM LEAP OF FAITH, where Scarlet shows her more comical side. (18+ to order)

    *Please Note: This is a Blu-ray DVD, so it won’t play in a standard DVD player.

    • $19.99
  • Surreal Sicko (2012)
    • 33% less

    Bill Zebub strikes again! This time around, you get to watch the events through the eyes of a madman when the landlord of a schizophrenic jesus freak makes him the scapegoat for his rampage of rape. Nudity, depictions of rape, and lots of naked hot chicks. Needless to say, it’s 18+ to order. DVD

    • $9.99