All of our DVDs are "Original Factory New" and are Region 1 or 0 (NTSC). 

Region 1 - U.S., Canada, U.S. Territories (NTSC) 
Region 0 - DVDs can be played in any DVD player regardless of their region coding. (NTSC) 

Blu-ray discs do not play in a regular DVD player, you need a Blu-ray Player to play them. 


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  • From Japanese filmmaker Tamakichi Anaru comes this tale of a young woman who’s husband leaves her for another woman. She begins self mutilation to cope with the personal pain… Available on DVD for the first time.

    In Japanese with English subtitles.

    • $14.99
  • Widescreen version of the Matt Dillon, Kate Hudson, Owen Wilson and Michael Douglas comedy. Signed by Matt Dillon on the DVD cover in blue sharpie. Opened so Dillon could sign it, but in Very Good condition.  DVD w/ signed cover.

    • $25.00
  • Lucio Fulci’s zombie classic (originally titled Zombi 2) shouldn’t need any kind of review, right? This is the uncut, uncensored version, complete with trailers, TV spots, radio spots, and more.  DVD

    • $19.99
  • Zombie Christ (2010)
    • 33% less

    A new age is upon us and the druids call upon the skeletal remains of Christ to do their bidding and eliminate the last of his bloodline. Jesus stalks the state of New Jersey, talking trash and taking out hot tattooed chicks. He even bones a nun... literally! A hot babe detective is on his trail. An old guy kicks some slow motion butt. A scholarly guy helps the girl Jesus is hunting down, and a twist ending ties everything up in one neat little package. It’s the latest from filmmaker Bill Zebub and a must see for all no budget naked stripper loving exploitation fans!  DVD

    Now with new cover art.

    • $9.99
  • Zombie Classics: 4 Movie Collection
    • 52% less

    Here we have four zombie classics (or not so classics as the case may be) on two DVDs that come packaged in a cool tin box.

    You get George Romero’s classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968).

    REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIES (1943) with John Carradine as a Nazi scientist creating zombies in the swamps of Louisiana on one disc.

    Jess Franco’s story of Nazi’s protecting their hidden old in OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES (1981).

    Along with the Bela Lugosi classic, WHITE ZOMBIE (1932), on the second disc. Like most of the DVDs we sell, this collection is now out of print.

    • $11.99
  • Zombie Holocaust (1980)
    • 40% less
    It’s the original title of what we know in the US as DOCTOR BUTCHER, M.D.. Crazy doctor Obrero set up shop on the isolated island of Keto so he can conduct his “zombie experiments” in relative peace. After a gruesome flesh-eating cult does some nasty deeds in NYC, a couple of nosy do-gooders head out in search of Obrero and get caught up in his gruesome experiments. Widescreen print with trailer, photo and still gallery, interviews, and scenes added to the beginning of the US “Dr. Butcher” version. Out of print DVD.
    • $14.99
Items: 301306 of 306, per page