Beyond Atlantis (1973)
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Beyond Atlantis (1973)

John Ashley and Sid Haig are a couple of crooks out to steal a stash of pearls from the population of a small uncharted island. They join up with good guy Patrick Wayne and Lenore Stevens to help plunder the loot. Once on the island, the leader of the islanders has other plans and orders his daughter to mate with one of the strangers in order to continue their race… which just so happens to be a race of pop-eyed water-breathers! Another in the series of Filipino horror and exploitation films from John Ashley and producer/director Eddie Romero. MOD DVD-R

About MOD DVD-R: Manufacture on Demand DVD-R's direct from the Studios.

Many companies like MGM, Universal, Sony, VCI and Fox Cinema are putting out less popular titles on MOD DVD-R!    These DVD-R's are made when needed by the studios instead of printing 1000's of DVD's to sit in a warehouse until sold.

Since some titles are only available on MOD DVD-R now, we are carrying a few, if we can not find them on DVD, but they will be clearly labeled.  

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