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Mason, Charles
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Mason, Charles

Back around the year 2000, serial killer collector Steve Drasil and Charles Manson tried to start a legit checking account. The account was shut down in quick fashion but the checks, a few deposit tickets, and some of the original paperwork they signed still lives on. We own some of the bank paperwork that they signed to start the account, a few of the original bank deposit tickets and several checks. We’ve matted up a bunch of them over the years and they are starting to dwindle down to the last couple we will be selling off.

Here we have one of the original starter checks (check #124 in the amount of $10) that features both Manson and Drasil’s name’s as well as Drasil’s address on the check. It is double signed by Manson and dated like most of them, August, 1969 - the time of the infamous murders. It was signed after the account was shut down and features two excellent examples of Charles Manson’s full signature. It’s matted along with a large (approximately) 12x16” B&W photo of Manson in cuffs being led to the courtroom and matted to an overall 16x24” size.

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