Anthropophagous (1981)
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Anthropophagous (1981)

Blu-ray DVD - aka The Grim Reaper.  A group of tourists take a boat to an island, only to find it deserted... Or is it? Seems that someone or something has killed off the island’s residents and, well, eaten them! And now it’s after our group of tourists. It’s Joe D’Amato’s infamous cannibal classic with George Eastman and Tisa Farrow, uncut on Blu-ray. Includes trailers, and interviews with writer and star Luigi Montefiori (aka George Eastman), actors Saverio Vallone and Zora Kerova, FX man Pietro Tenoglio and editor Bruno Micheli.

*Please Note: This is a Blu-ray DVD, so it won’t play in a standard DVD player.

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