Weekend Schedule of Films and Events

The Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo -  

April 5th, 6th and 7th, 2024

Since we ran the very first CW Show in September of 2000, Cinema Wasteland has guaranteed every fan through the door more Films and Events than anyone can actually attend over the course of the three day weekend. Now, as we quickly approach our 24th Anniversary this year with our 42nd Show in April, we’ve continued to make sure attending fans always get more than their admission monies worth when it comes to a Wasteland Weekend. CW is not an “autograph only” convention. We’re the last of the B movie fans shows and are told by many that we have one of the most well rounded Vendor’s Rooms left full of great stuff to wander through. We certainly don’t plan on changing our strips after all these years, so what you’ll get today is what you’ve always gotten from a CW Show.

In addition to the 20+ hours that the Vendor and Guest Room is open to attendees, we’ve got 63+ hours worth of Indy Movies, 16mm Film Screenings, and Assorted Programming scheduled this time around. 

Just as it is with every CW show, you’ll have to decide what you want to do most every day, so plotting out your weekend early is always a good thing.

Although things are usually set in stone by the time we post the weekend schedule, Movies, Events and Panel Times are always subject to change from what is listed below between now and when the doors open, so be sure to check the posted schedule’s come showtime for any last minute time or schedule changes


FRIDAY (April 5th):

4:00pm - All 3-Day Pass holders admitted into The Vendor and Guest Room.

4:00pm - HARDCORE WRESTLING kicks off the weekend like usual in MOVIE ROOM 2.

4:30pm - The Vendor and Guest Room is open to Single Day Pass holders.

5:00pm - MOVIE:  Catch CW Guest Debbie Rochon in her personal Troma Film pick of the show, when TERROR FIRMER begins in MOVIE ROOM 1.

6:15pm - MOVIE:  The video store “scream queen” gem, SORORITY GIRLS IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA, with Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer, kicks off the weekend’s movie screenings in MOVIE ROOM 2.

7:00pm - GUEST:  Join Debbie Rochon, (and we’ll even see if Lloyd Kaufman will join her) after TERROR FIRMER for our first Guest Talk of the weekend in MOVIE ROOM 1.

8:00pm - SHORTS / MOVIE:  Golden Age of Comedy Showcase: LAUREL AND HARDY. Here we have a couple of classic Laurel and Hardy short films: THE CHIMP and DIRTY WORK, followed by the duo in one of their films that they made after leaving Hal Roach Studios, A-HAUNTING WE WILL GO, to kick off the 16mm film screenings for the weekend in MOVIE ROOM 1.

8:00pm - HORROR HOST SHENANIGANS:  Horror Host regular, Gunga Jim, brings Gunga’s Drive-In to the masses when he presents the late night horror classic, WEREWOLF IN A GIRLS’ DORMITORY, in MOVIE ROOM 2.

9:30pm - SHORT FILM BLOCK:  The Friday Night Short Film Block offers up a trio of shorts this time around, including -
Catch them in MOVIE ROOM 2.

10:00pm - The DEALER and GUEST ROOM closes for the night but the evening is far from over. 16mm Films and Indy Movies roll on until 2:00am or later tonight, so read on!

10:30pm - MOVIE:  John Saxon and Lynda Day George fend off an evil spirit out to possess Lynda when BEYOND EVIL kicks off the 16mm film screenings for the night in MOVIE ROOM 1.

10:30pm - SHORT FEATURE:  It was 20 years ago that CW’s very own A. Ghastlee Ghoul unleashed JOE NOSFERATU: HOMELESS VAMPIRE on to unsuspecting CW fans. In a momentary lapse of good judgement, we told him he could blow the dust off the master tape and screen it again… We’re sorry. Catch it if you dare, in MOVIE ROOM 2.

11:30pm - MOVIE:  Never stay in your dorm room over the Holidays when nobody else is around! Indie horror film, A BOX FULL OF SPIDERS begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

MIDNIGHT - SHORT:  Catch another all new Wasteland INTERMISSION REEL between 16mm films in MOVIE ROOM 1.

12:30am - MOVIE:  Cult horror film director William Girdler’s final film, THE MANITOU, wraps up the 16mm film screenings for the night in MOVIE ROOM 1.

1:00am - MOVIE:  She’s a little green, a whole lot naked, and out for revenge! SWAMP WOMEN wraps up the indie movie screenings for the night in MOVIE ROOM 2.

SATURDAY (April 6th):

9:30am - CARTOON TIME: Start your day the Wasteland way when Son of Ghoul presents an hour’s worth of classic, or maybe not-so-classic CARTOONS on 16mm film in MOVIE ROOM 1.

10:00am - Doors Open for all pass holders. 

10:15am - THE MUMMY AND THE MONKEY open the show on Saturday like usual when they host their original Halloween Hootenanny, the very first show they did together, featuring the 50s camp horror classic, THE KILLER SHREWS, in MOVIE ROOM 2.

10:30am - MOVIE:  Grab a breakfast beer and join us when Saturday Morning Hangover Theater begins with the 50s drive-in horror classic, THE SHE-CREATURE, on 16mm film, in MOVIE ROOM 1.

NOON - GET YOUR NYUK ON:  Son of Ghoul’s THREE STOOGES hour begins in MOVIE ROOM 1.

NOON - MOVIE:  CW Guest Joel Wynkoop’s first SOV film, LOST FAITH, begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

1:15pm - MOVIE:  Fred Olen Ray’s cult classic, HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS, begins in MOVIE ROOM 1.

1:30pm - GUEST:  Actor, producer, and director, Joel Wynkoop, has been part of the world of low budget indie filmmaking since the beginning of the Shot on Video days. Let’s have a nice candid talk with the guy (and maybe his wife, Catherine if she’d like to join us) before we continue on with his latest flick, the sci-fi outing, 187 DAYS, in MOVIE ROOM 2.

2:30pm - MOVIE:  Joel Wynkoop’s enjoyable indie sci-fi romp, 187 DAYS, begins after his fan talk and Q&A, in MOVIE ROOM 2.

3:00pm - GUEST PANEL:  You won’t want to miss it when we gather up indie film A-listers, Michelle Bauer, Brinke Stevens, Fred Olen Ray, and Jim Wynorski for a walk down fond memories of the video store days gone bye, and the enjoyable B movies that continue to this day, in MOVIE ROOM 1.

4:15pm - MOVIE:  Catch CW Guest Jennifer Rubin in the popular video rental / cult horror classic, BAD DREAMS, when it begins in MOVIE ROOM 1.

4:30pm - MOVIE:  A homage to the classic Italian giallo thrillers, MURDER IN BLACK SATAN, begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

5:45pm - GUEST:  Join first time CW Guest, Jennifer Rubin, after the BAD DREAMS screening, for a chat with attending fans in MOVIE ROOM 1.

5:45pm - MOVIE:  More fun that an indie film should ever be! Catch CW Guests, James Lorinz and Patty Mullen in FRANKENHOOKER, when it begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

7:00pm - The DEALER and GUEST ROOM closes for the night, but as usual, we’ve still got several movies screening until 2:00am, so read on.

7:15pm - GUEST PANEL:  Join James Lorinz and Patty Mullen after the FRANKENHOOKER screening for a little chit-chat with fans in MOVIE ROOM 2.

7:30pm - CW PREMIER MOVIE SCREENING:  Indie producer / director J. R. Bookwalter’s return to directing after 20 years away is well worth watching… and he remembered how to make a movie too! Catch the CW Show premier screening of SIDE EFFECTS MAY VARY in MOVIE ROOM 1.

8:45pm - MOVIE:  Indie anthology horror film, SLICE, begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

9:00pm - GUEST PANEL:  Join director J.R. Bookwalter, writer and star, James L. Edwards, and whoever else they can gather up for a SIDE EFFECTS MAY VARY Cast and Crew panel after the screening in MOVIE ROOM 1.

10:15pm - MOVIE: Kevin McCarthy is convinced that he killed a man when the forgotten slice of film-noir, NIGHTMARE, begins in MOVIE ROOM 1.

10:15pm - MOVIE:  Indie revenge-horror with a supernatural twist when THIS WAY TO HELL begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

MIDNIGHT - SHORT:  Catch another all new Wasteland INTERMISSION REEL between the night’s 16mm film screenings in MOVIE ROOM 1.

MIDNIGHT - MOVIE:  CW Guest, Jim Wynorski’s remake of the 50s sci-fi ’n horror classic, NOT OF THIS EARTH, ends the screenings for the night in MOVIE ROOM 2.

12:30am - MOVIE:  Catch Bettie Davis in one of her terrific 60s horror films, when HUSH… HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE ends the 16mm film screenings for the night in MOVIE ROOM 1.

SUNDAY (April 7th): 

10:30am - Doors open for all pass holders. 

10:30am - SHORT FILMS:  If you missed them Friday evening, the SHORT FILM BLOCK returns  to kick off the day in MOVIE ROOM 2.

10:45am - MADE FOR TV MOVIE:  Murder, betrayal, and mayhem abound in the thriller, THE MASK OF ALEXANDER CROSS, our 1977 made for TV movie pick this show. Catch it in MOVIE ROOM 1.

11:30pm - MORE SHORT FILMS:  Joel Wynkoop’s ACTION PACK updates some of the characters he’s played over the years in a collection of short films. Catch them in MOVIE ROOM 2.

12:15pm - MOVIE:  Stock Footage Action Theater begins with Johnny Weissmuller returning as jungle guide and all around tough guy, Jungle Jim, when JUNGLE JIM ON PIGMY ISLAND begins in MOVIE ROOM 1.

1:30pm - SHORT:  One last WASTELAND INTERMISSION REEL between films in MOVIE ROOM 1.

1:30pm - DOCUMENTARY:  A look back at the indie slasher spoof, Severe Injuries, when OUCH! 20 YEARS OF SEVERE INJURIES begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

2:00pm - MOVIE:  HUSH… HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE returns to swing its bloody axe and end the film screenings for the weekend in MOVIE ROOM 1.

2:30pm - MOVIE:  Jim Wynorski’s NOT OFTHIS EARTH returns to end the screenings for the weekend in MOVIE ROOM 2.

4:00pm - Cinema Wasteland officially turns out the lights, bolts the door, and packs everything away until we pull it all out again this October 4th, 5th and 6th 2024 to officially celebrate our 24th Anniversary. Make plans to join us now and we’ll see you in six short months.

* All events happen in one of two Movie and Guest Rooms. See the map in our Weekend Events Schedule to find out which room the event you’re interested in will be taking place. The schedule of events is available the weekend of the show at registration, or you can print this one here and have it on hand early.

* Events are subject to last minute changes from the posted schedule. See the daily event schedules posted at each Movie Room door for any last minute changes from those printed here.

* All of the Movies, Films, and Events we offer are absolutely Free to Cinema Wasteland pass holders, and both 3-Day Passes as well as Single Day Passes are available in advance as well as at-the-door the weekend of every show.

* Don’t Miss the Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo’s 24th Anniversary Show this October 4th, 5th, and 6th, 2024… Damn! We’re gettin’ old!…

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