Monthly Update

Time sure has flown past us since the October Show. We’re already into December, the Holidays are upon us, and we continue to keep busy… which is not a bad thing to be honest. But before it’s too late, we’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Winter Solstice, or otherwise best whatever you celebrate this Holiday Season.

The New Year will be here before you know it, and with it comes a new “convention season” for fans to look forward to. The March 31st, April 1st and 2nd, 2023 CW Show is looking like another weekend to remember with a few returning Guests, as well as four of our eleven confirmed Guests (to this point) brand new to the whole convention scene or making their first every CW Show appearance.

On top of the bill for the Spring Show is our first Texas Chainsaw Massacre Reunion in 14 years. Most of the TCM cast made their first convention appearance at one of our two big reunions in 2004 and 2009 and with the 50th Anniversary rolling around in 2024, the remaining cast all want to kick things off at CW where they got their start. (Very flattering, indeed!) With the Holidays upon us, confirmation for everyone is going slow and steady but we’ve got four of the six remaining cast members confirmed  - Alan “Jerry” Danziger just got in touch so he’s not listed on the web site as I type this up date but we will add him ASAP - so we’re off to a good start. We’ve also got a couple of key crew members that we will be talking to so with any luck, we’ll hear from everyone before long and have the entire reunion updated and ready to go in January.

Add in Alex Vincent, who was rescheduled from the last show when he got caught in a hurricane; a returning Lou Wagner; our old buddy and horror host legend, Count Gore de Vol celebrating his 50th anniversary; first time guests Nick Benson, Jeannie Bell, Olivia Brown, and Ona Zee all good to go and even I’m excited about the next show (and after 36 years in this business and running 39 CW Shows over the last 22 years, that’s saying something you won’t hear me say all that often.)

We’ve got a couple of 16mm films we will be screening already listed, but we are going to try and get a few more 16mm films, as well as some indie movies, listed earlier than usual this time around. We packed the screening rooms last show with some great flicks, and hope to continue that trend next time around.

A big Thank You to everyone that took advantage of our “early bird” pass special and already picked up their Single Day or 3-Day Passes. If you didn’t take advantage of the “early bird” special and grab your pass within 8 weeks of the last show, then have no fear as you’re got plenty of time to grab your pass and save some decent money over at-the-door prices come showtime. (See ADVANCE PASSES below for more info.)

ADVANCE PASSES:  Grab your Single Day or 3-Day Pass to the March 31st - April 1st and 2nd, 2023 CW Show in advance and save. Until 3/3/23 you can grab a Single Day Pass for Friday or Saturday for only $25, or a 3-Day Pass for $45 and put a few dollars in your pocket… to spend in our Vendor and Guest Room I’m sure.
You can head on over to the website and purchase them online, or give the office a call between 1pm and 7pm Monday through Thursday and we’ll be happy to take a credit card over the phone.

SUNDAY IS ALWAYS “BARGAIN DAY AT THE CINEMA WASTELAND SHOW - Sunday admission is always only $15. We don’t program anything except indie movies and 16mm films on Sunday, so shop our awesome (fandom award winning) Vendor Room, grab an autograph from one of our Guests (since they are with us all 3 days unless noted on the web site), and catch a film (on actual 16mm film) or indie movie and enjoy the day for a bargain walk-in price!

* AND REMEMBER:  There are still a few people that didn’t cash in their unused pass to the April 2020 Show that we had to cancel at the last minute due to COVID. Why not use it at the next Show since we’ll continue to let you do just that? (After all, this use your old ass pass thing will not last forever so 2023 will the last year we will honor unused passes from Spring 2020. You have been warned.) No need to do anything now except show up and have an I.D. with you to pick up your pass or passes. We have a master list of everyone who bought passes for the April 2020 Show, so we just keep crossing people off the list as their passes are picked up.

BOOK YOUR HOTEL ROOM NOW:  The one thing you can always count on is that the hotel will pretty much be sold out by show time. We generally take over the entire hotel and rooms are starting to fill up a little faster since the motel next door raised its rates and is no longer a significant savings over the Show Hotel. This is the best way you can help support the show, keep prices down, and avoid the headache of having to take that walk across the parking lot at night or driving down the street to another motel by making your room reservations today. You can reserve your room through our web site, or by calling The Best Western Plus at 1-440-238-8800. Remember to mention and/or ask for “The Cinema Wasteland Room Rate”, or they might tell you that they are ”sold out” and have no rooms, or charge you more than our room rate. And PLEASE only reserve as many rooms as you plan on using.

And lastly this month…


First Rule: Your movie or short film needs to be 100% finished before we’ll consider screening it.

Second Rule: The film you submit can't be older than a year or so old or already have DVD or cable TV distribution since we're basically trying to help independent filmmakers get the word out about their films to our attending fans.

Third Rule: When your movie or short film is completely finished, just send us off a screener to watch and consider. (We won’t watch a “link” on the computer since we can’t screen a “link” on the computer at the show itself, and all of our sound equipment is analog, so don’t send a blu-ray disc. A regular DVD-R is fine and looks great as it is.) Make sure you include contact information so we can get back to you if we do decide to screen your short or feature, and patiently wait to see if we get back to you. It’s that easy.

Since we’ve always supported the independent filmmaker, we don’t do things like your average every day film festival does things. Namely, we don’t charge to screen your movie or short film and just take your money and run whatever somebody sends us at some of the worst times of the day. We simply watch everything that is sent to us and fit as many indy films into the weekend schedule that we can squeeze in around all the other guest related movies and events that we normally cram into a Wasteland Weekend. We do keep film submissions for up to one year’s time so if we don’t screen your film or short one show, it very well could make the next show. We do watch and tend to enjoy everything we receive but please don’t take it personally if we don’t screen your submission. Chances are it just didn’t make it into the weekend schedule because we received way too many submissions in a short amount of time and/or had more films that fit a certain theme that matches the weekend we are currently running.

Because we don’t charge to screen your film or short, a screening does not come with free passes into the show. A pass into the CW Show however is much cheaper than any film festival submission prices.

The submission cut off date for any given CW Show is two months before the event(Feb 1) so we have time to watch and review everything we receive. We review all submissions by their post mark date, so anything received after the cut off date will only be included if we have screening time to fill.

OK, that’s it for me this time around. Now that things are falling into place, I should be back after the New Year with more news on the next Show. And although I don’t sit and push the merchandise end of business in CW Show updates, always remember that we’ve got B movie fandom covered with plenty of actual things you can collect: Original Posters, plenty of DVD and Blu-ray, Autographs from people you don’t see at every convention running these days, and more. If you wind up with a few bucks in your pocket come Christmas, I know where I’d spend it come January.

Until next time, stay warm and enjoy some time with friends and family in the weeks a head.