Monthly Update

The Spring Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo is running smoothly on our end. We are just about finished getting Guest flights and travel finalized, and we’ve got pretty much all of the 16mm Films posted, and the Indie Shorts and Movies finished so we can start to write them up this week.

Things seem to move a little slower since we’ve come back from COVID. Not slower on our end of things, but slower on everything we rely on to get the show ready to go. To compensate, we’ve started getting things together a week or two earlier then we did in the pre-2020 days. I mention this only because there is still a chance we might be able to add another guest to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre reunion in the next week. Or, we sure hope so, because by the end of the month it will be too late to bother adding anyone else to the guest list.

With any luck, the entire Weekend Schedule of Films and Events will be finished and posted the first week of March so everyone can begin to plot out their weekend. For now, you are all welcome to check over the show pages and see what we do have to offer everyone so far.

While I’m thinking of it, I mentioned that we are ready to start writing up and posting the indie movies that will be in our usual Indie Film Festival all weekend. I never understood why anyone would send us a short or feature film submission and put no contact in with their submission, but it never fails that we get a few every show. And of course, those are always the submissions that won’t play, pixelate, or have glitches so we can’t watch and review them. But of course there is no way to tell people they have time to correct the issues and get us a new copy in time to schedule a screening. If you are an indie filmmaker sending in a short or feature film submission, please remember to include your email address with the submission. Odds are, if you don’t, you will submit the DVD that won’t play for some odd reason or another.

OK, the show will speak for itself in the next couple weeks, so I’ll leave you with a couple reminders to end this update and get my butt back to working on the CW Show weekend schedule.

ADVANCE PASSES: There is still time to grab your Single Day or 3-Day Pass to the March 31st - April 1st and 2nd, 2023 CW Show in advance and save. Until 3/5/23 you can grab a Single Day Pass for Friday or Saturday for only $25, or a 3-Day Pass for $45 and put a few dollars in your pocket… to spend in our Vendor and Guest Room I’m sure. You can head on over to the website and purchase them online, or give the office a call between 1pm and 7pm Monday through Thursday and we’ll be happy to take a credit card over the phone.

SUNDAY IS ALWAYS “BARGAIN DAY AT THE CINEMA WASTELAND SHOW - Sunday admission is always only $15. We don’t program anything except indie movies and 16mm films on Sunday, so shop our awesome (fandom award winning) Vendor Room, grab an autograph from one of our Guests (since they are with us all 3 days unless noted on the website), and catch a film (on actual 16mm film) or indie movie and enjoy the day for a bargain walk-in price!

* AND REMEMBER:  There are still a few people that didn’t cash in their unused pass to the April 2020 Show that we had to cancel at the last minute due to COVID. Why not use it at the next Show since we’ll continue to let you do just that? (After all, this use your old ass pass thing will not last forever so 2023 will the last year we will honor unused passes from Spring 2020. You have been warned.) No need to do anything now except show up and have an I.D. with you to pick up your pass or passes. We have a master list of everyone who bought passes for the April 2020 Show, so we just keep crossing people off the list as their passes are picked up.

BOOK YOUR HOTEL ROOM NOW:  The one thing you can always count on is that the hotel will pretty much be sold out by show time. We generally take over the entire hotel and rooms are starting to fill up a little faster since the motel next door raised its rates and is no longer a significant savings over the Show Hotel. This is the best way you can help support the show, keep prices down, and avoid the headache of having to take that walk across the parking lot at night or driving down the street to another motel by making your room reservations today. You can reserve your room through our website, or by calling The Best Western Plus at 1-440-238-8800. Remember to mention and/or ask for “The Cinema Wasteland Room Rate”, or they might tell you that they are ”sold out” and have no rooms, or charge you more than our room rate. And PLEASE only reserve as many rooms as you plan on using.

It’s looking like we will have a few Guests on the list for the Sept. 29th and 30th - Oct. 1st, 2023 CW Show by the time the next show rolls around. Be sure to pick up a flier at registration and make plans to join us when we finish up the year with our 23rd Anniversary.

Until next time,


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