September 8, 2018

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Monthly Update:

The October 5-7 Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo is now just a month away and the entire Weekend Schedule has been posted so you can begin to plot out your three day weekend early.

You’ll find a button at the top of the Films and Events page that will take you to a printable weekend schedule. Or cut to the chase by using this handy link.

In addition to our Guest and Vendor Room offering up the best selection of merchandise you’ll find on the planet, we’ve got 60 hours worth of Films, Events, and Assorted Programming ready to present to attending fans over the course of the 3-Day Wasteland Weekend. There is never nothing to do when it comes to a CW Show.

Highlights include:

On Friday evening, we’ve got Belinda Balaski scheduled to hold the first of our Guest Talks with fans after a screening of Bobbi Jo And The Outlaw.
The popular Friday Short Film Block will offer up 90 minutes worth of fun when we present five new indy short films.
Attention Deficit Disorder Theater returns with a collection of short 1940’s and 50’s head-scratching gems on 16mm film.

Saturday kicks off with all of the usual stuff fans tell us they look forward to. From early morning cartoons, to the usual “Hangover Theater” movie (It Conquered The World this time around), and through The Three Stooges Hour at Noon, it’s all here.
Hardcore Wrestling hour features long standing co-host Toby “Mr. Insanity” Klein’s last match as he’s decided to finally hang up his in ring career, and representatives from the local promotion, Absolute Intense Wrestling (A.I.W.) will be at the show this time around, so we’ve got them doing a presentation with fans as well early Saturday afternoon.
The big My Bloody Valentine cast panel is scheduled for Saturday afternoon after a screening of the uncut version of the movie.
World Paranormal Investigations will be presenting a panel featuring some of their most memorable cases.
And Saturday night’s 16mm film double feature is a tribute to our old friend Ted V. Mikels when we screen nice prints of Astro-Zombies and The Corpse Grinders for fans.

Sunday is always when we start the day with our (16mm film) Made For TV Movie pick of the show, and this time around we’re going to start things with a short reel of 1970’s TV Show and TV Movie Promos before we screen the Hammer Films TV horror movie, Paint Me a Murder.
You’ll also find our western pick of the weekend, (the western comedy, Support Your Local Sheriff), a second chance to catch the Short Film Block, and a full day of movies screening on Sunday to end the weekend.

Our usual “Horror Hosts” are all on hand, with The Mummy and The Monkey kicking off things on Friday as usual, Gunga Jim presenting Crypt Of The Living Dead, and the Ghastlee Nite At The Movies live show in its usual Saturday Night time slot.

All in all our 34th CW Show will once again offer up more than any attending fan can actually do or see for the price of admission, so check out the Weekend Schedule so you don’t miss anything of interest.

A few last minute reminders, and we’ll see you all in a few short weeks.

NEW SUNDAY HOURS STARTING WITH OCTOBER’S SHOW: We’ve started seeing a larger crowd waiting around the lobby to get in on Sunday’s so we’ve gone and changed the hours on Sunday. The Vendor and Guest Room will now open at 10:30am and the show will close at 4:00pm on Sunday.

TICKETS: Until September 7th, grab yourself a 3-Day Pass into October’s Show for only $40, or Single Day Passes for only $20 each.
After September 7th, we’ll continue to sell 3-Day Passes for $50 for a couple of weeks and both Single Day, as well as a 3-Day Pass will naturally be available to purchase at the door all weekend.
You can grab your passes on line by clicking here.

HOTEL: We just got word that the hotel is almost full, so snag up the last available rooms while you can. To avoid the headaches of soulless automated booking systems that like to mess up your reservation or tell you there aren’t any rooms available when there are, you should book your room no later than the week of September 10th. You can always reserve your room through our web site, or by calling The Holiday Inn reservation line at 1-877-408-4913. Remember you MUST ask for “The Cinema Wasteland Room Rate”, or they really should tell you that they are ”sold out” and have no rooms.

I have way more fun running the CW Show than I do actually attending any other conventions out there as a fan these days, so I’m looking forward to having myself anther great time right along with you when we celebrate our 18th anniversary next month.

See you soon,