The Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo
April 6th, 7th and 8th, 2018

Since we unleashed the very first CW Show way back in September of 2000, Cinema Wasteland has guaranteed every fan through the door more Films and Events than anyone can actually attend over the course of the three day weekend. Now, as we approach our 18th Anniversary with our 33rd Show, we’ve continued to make sure attending fans always get more than their admission monies worth when it comes to a Wasteland Weekend.

In addition to the 22 hours that the Vendor and Guest Room is open to attendees, we’ve packed over 60 hours worth of programming into our Fall Show weekend. Once again, you’ll have to decide what you want to do most every day, so plotting out your weekend early is always a good thing.

Movies, Events and Panel Times are subject to change from what is listed below between now and show time, so check back the week of the show for any schedule changes.


FRIDAY (April 6th):

4:00pm - All 3-Day Pass holders admitted into the Guest and Vendor Room.

4:00pm -
MOVIE: We’re kicking the movie screenings off with Brian DePalma’s CARRIE in MOVIE ROOM 2.

4:30pm -
Dealer and Guest Room is open to Single Day Pass holders.

4:30pm - MOVIE: Joe Dante’s enjoyable Drive-In horror flick, PIRANHA, begins in MOVIE ROOM 1.

6:00pm - MOVIE: Catch an episode of The Mummy and The Monkey Show, when they present the made for TV werewolf flick, MOON OF THE WOLF, in MOVIE ROOM 2.

6:15pm - MOVIE: It’s a Joe Dante double feature when THE HOWLING begins in MOVIE ROOM 1.

7:45pm - MOVIE: Horror Host regular, Gunga Jim, brings Gunga’s Drive-In to Cinema Wasteland with a screening of the camp classic, WILD WOMEN OF WONGO, in MOVIE ROOM 2.

8:00pm - GUEST PANEL: Dee Wallace and Belinda Balaski meet up with fans after The Howling screening to chat with fans in MOVIE ROOM 1.

9:15pm - SHORT FILM BLOCK: A solid block of four enjoyable short films awaits you this time around! Grab yourself a seat in MOVIE ROOM 2 for: In the Death Car (2017), Abuela (2017), Second Chances (2017) and Anton Rook: Scourge of the Vampire (2013).

9:30pm - CLASSIC TV ON FILM: Catch THE ORDEAL OF DR. CORDEL, the 1961 episode of Boris Karloff’s Thriller, as our 16mm film screenings for the weekend begin in MOVIE ROOM 1.

10:00pm - The DEALER and GUEST ROOM closes for the night but the evening is far from over. Movies and Events roll on until after 2:00am tonight, so read on!

10:30pm - MOVIE: Paul Bartel’s underground car race classic, CANNONBALL, with David Carradine and CW Guest Belinda Balaski, kicks off the Friday night 16mm film “Car Chase” double feature in MOVIE ROOM 1.

10:45pm - GUEST INTRO and MOVIE: Director Joe O’Connell and actor/stuntman Gary Kent will be on hand to introduce Joe’s documentary on Gary’s life and career, LOVE AND OTHER STUNTS, in MOVIE ROOM 2.

MIDNIGHT - FUN STUFF: We’ve got another Wasteland INTERMISSION REEL ready to screen between features in MOVIE ROOM 1.

12:30am - MOVIE: Wes Bishop and Lee Frost’s DIXIE DYNAMITE wraps up the “car chase” double feature and 16mm film screenings for the night in MOVIE ROOM 1.

12:45am - MOVIE: Drunk enough to make fun of an awful movie? Good, then catch TROMASTERPIECE THEATRE when it puts the mystery science theater whammy on The Battle of Love’s Return to cap off the night’s screenings in MOVIE ROOM 2.

SATURDAY (April 7th):

9:30am - CARTOON TIME: Start your day the Wasteland way when Son of Ghoul presents an hour’s worth of classic, and with any luck, politically incorrect cartoons on 16mm film in MOVIE ROOM 1.

10:00am - Doors Open for all pass holders.

10:00am - WRESTLING TIME: SATURDAY MORNING HARDCORE WRESTLING HOUR with Pete Chiarella and Toby “Mr. Insanity” Klein, begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

10:30am - MOVIE: Saturday Morning Hangover Theater begins with the first ever vampire western, CURSE OF THE UNDEAD, on 16mm film in MOVIE ROOM 1.

11:15am - MOVIE: ROCK ’N ROLL HIGH SCHOOL with PJ Soles, Dey Young, and The Ramones, begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

NOON - GET YOUR NYUK ON: Son of Ghoul’s THREE STOOGES hour begins in MOVIE ROOM 1.

1:00pm - GUEST and MOVIE INTRO: Jackie Neyman Jones talks about finding herself in, and introduces, MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE to fans in MOVIE ROOM 2.

1:30pm - MOVIE: Cult horror favorite, HORROR HIGH, with CW Guests Pat Cardi and Austin Stoker, begins in MOVIE ROOM 1.

3:00pm - GUEST PANEL: We’re teaming up Pat Cardi, Austin Stoker, and Terry Carter for a panel after the Horror High screening (and before the Foxy Brown screening) in MOVIE ROOM 1.

3:00pm - MOVIE: Look for CW guest Michael Berryman in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST when it begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

4:15pm - GUEST INTRO: Before we start the Steve Hibbert and Duane Whitaker talk, we’re kicking things off with the “Pawn Shop” scene from Pulp Fiction… “Bring out the Gimp” in MOVIE ROOM 1.

4:30pm - GUEST PANEL: Join Steve Hibbert and Duane Whitaker as they talk all things Gimp, Rob Zombie, MADtv, and more in MOVIE ROOM 1.

5:30pm - MOVIE: Music mocumentary, ELECTRIC APRICOT, begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.

5:45pm - MOVIE: Jack Hill’s FOXY BROWN with Pam Grier and CW guest Terry Carter begins in MOVIE ROOM 1. (Don’t forget to join us for the 3:00 Guest Panel as we will talk about Foxy Brown with Terry Carter then.)

7:00pm - The DEALER and GUEST ROOM closes for the night, but we’ve still got plenty of things to do and some great movies screening until 2:00am or later tonight.

7:15pm - MOVIE with INTRODUCTION: THE DEAD NEXT DOOR begins with a introduction from director J.R. Bookwalter (and a short preview of his up coming restored version of Robot Ninja) in MOVIE ROOM 2.

8:00pm - YOU CALL THIS ENTERTAINMENT? It’s time for another GHASTLEE NITE AT THE MOVIES, with your host, A. Ghastlee Ghoul. The mayhem begins in MOVIE ROOM 1.

9:00pm - MOVIE: Italian horror movie spoof, A GUARDIA DE MALE (aka Guarding Evil, Demon Forest, Evil Dead 6, etc) begins in MOVIE ROOM 2.


10:30pm - MOVIE: Listen for the Horror Horn and watch for the Fear Flasher when CHAMBER OF HORRORS kicks off our 1960’s horror on 16mm film double feature of the night in MOVIE ROOM 1.

MIDNIGHT - FUN STUFF: Catch a WASTELAND INTERMISSION REEL between the night’s 16mm film screenings in MOVIE ROOM 1.

MIDNIGHT - MOVIE: Bill Zebub is having one helluva time getting his new movie made when EXPLOITATION ends the screenings for the night in MOVIE ROOM 2.

12:30am - MOVIE: NIGHTMARE IN WAX, on 16mm film, wraps up our 1960’s horror movie double feature for the night in MOVIE ROOM 1.

SUNDAY (April 8th):

11:00am - Doors open for all pass holders.

11:00am - SHORT FILMS REVISITED: Here’s your chance to catch our FRIDAY NIGHT SHORT FILM BLOCK when they return to kick off the screenings in MOVIE ROOM 2..

11:15am - MADE FOR TV MOVIE: The October 30, 1983 TV Thriller, A KILLER IN THE FAMILY, is our Sunday morning TV Movie on 16mm Film pick of the show. And it’s a good one too! Catch it in MOVIE ROOM 1.

12:45pm - MOVIE: WICKED WICKED, the horror flick filmed in “Duo-Vision” slices and dices its way into MOVIE ROOM 2.

1:00pm - FUN STUFF: How about one last WASTELAND INTERMISSION REEL between the 16mm film screenings in MOVIE ROOM 1.

1:30pm - MOVIE: GUNS OF THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN is our Spaghetti Western pick of the show this time around. Catch it as we continue our the 16mm film screenings in MOVIE ROOM 1.

2:30pm - MOVIE: We teased you with a clip from it yesterday, but here’s your chance to catch Quentin Tarantino’s PULP FICTION from beginning to end as we wrap up the weekend screenings in MOVIE ROOM 2.

3:30pm - MOVIE: Paul Bartel’s CANNONBALL returns to end the 16mm film screenings for the weekend in MOVIE ROOM 1.

5:00pm - Cinema Wasteland officially turns out the lights, bolts the doors, and packs everything away until we pull it all out again next this October 5th,6th and 7th, 2018. Make plans to join us now and we’ll see you this Fall.

* All events happen in one of two Movie and Guest Rooms. See the map in our Weekend Events Schedule to find out which room the event you’re interested in will be taking place. The schedule of events is available the weekend of the show or you can print this one here and already have it available.

* Events are subject to last minute changes from the posted schedule. See the daily event schedules posted at each Movie Room door for any last minute changes from those printed here.

* All of the Movies, Films, and Events we offer are absolutely Free to Cinema Wasteland pass holders and both 3-Day Passes as well as Single Day Passes are available in advance as well as at-the-door the weekend of every show. Can’t afford to buy a pass into the show? Then to put is as kindly as possible: Stay Home.

* Don’t Miss the Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo 18th Anniversary Show this October 5th, 6th and 7th, 2018. An advance flier for the Fall CW Show will be available at registration the weekend of the current show so be sure to pick one up while you’re there.