December 12, 2021

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Next April, we’ve got a trio of actors known for appearing in PULP FICTION ready to go…

Stephen Hibbert
Writer and Actor Steve Hibbert has spent most of his career as a TV writer and script doctor on everything from animated series like Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs to popular series like MADtv and Boy Meets World. As an actor, Steve has chalked up roles on several television shows like Newhart, Jericho, Rush Hour, and Dr. Ken. You’ll find him in films like AUSTIN POWERS: THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME (2999), and NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS (2007), but no matter what Steve does or appears in, fans will always know him best as “The Gimp” from Quentin Tarantino’s cult crime film, PULP FICTION (1994), where he appeared with fellow CW Guest Duane Whitaker’s character “Maynard” in the memorable Pawn Shop sequence (with Bruce Willis and Ving Rhames). Seems that Maynard and The Gimp both survived Marsellus’ boys with the pliers and the blow-torches, so have no fear, we’ll be sure to wake The Gimp and let him out of his box come show time.

Angela Jones
Pennsylvania born Angela Jones got her start with the horror anthology, TERRORGRAM (1990) and the short film, CURDLED (1991) where she played Gabriela, a young woman that cleans up crime scenes. Because of her role in CURDLED, she caught the eye of Quentin Tarantino, who cast her as “Esmarelda Villalobos” in PULP FICTION (1994). You can also catch Angela in the thrillers, HIDDEN FEARS (1993), and UNDERWORLD (1996); returning to play “Gabriela” in the feature length film version of CURDLED (1996), CHILDREN OF THE CORN 5: FIELDS OF TERROR (1998), in a duel role in the sci-fi thriller, MORELLA (1999), MAN ON THE MOON (1999) with Jim Carrey, the horror film, HOUSE AT THE END OF THE DRIVE (2014), and the oddball sci-fi crime thriller, BUTT BOY (2019) to name a few of the films you can find her in.

Duane Whitaker

Lubbock Texas native Duane Whitaker started his career with roles on several popular TV series in the mid 1980’s before moving on to feature film roles with HOBGOBLINS (1988), DEADLY DREAMS (1988) and a small role as “Kim” in LEATHERFACE: TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3 (1990) but that’s far from everything the actor, producer, and writer has done over his 30+ year career. He’s worked with TCM 3 director Jeff Burr on other occasions, taking the lead in Burr’s comedy EDDIE PRESLEY (1992) which he also wrote; appeared in PUPPET MASTER 5: THE FINAL CHAPTER (1994), and had a small role in NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW (1995). In 1994, Whitaker landed the role of “Maynard,” the sadistic pawn shop owner in Quentin Tarantino’s PULP FICTION that we’re sure is one role everyone knows him for. He co-wrote and appeared in FROM DUSK TILL DAWN 2: TEXAS BLOOD MONEY (1999), had the amusing role of “Dr. Bankhead” in Rob Zombie’s DEVIL’S REJECTS (2005) and 3 FROM HELL (2019), and was killed by “Michael Myers” in Zombie’s HALLOWEEN 2 (2009). You’ll find Duane all over the horror genre in films like TALES FROM THE HOOD (1995), THE HAUNTED SEA (1997), FEAST (2005), URBAN DECAY (2007), TRAILER PARK OF TERROR (2008), and CHILDREN OF THE CORN: GENESIS (2011) to name but a few. Not one to confine himself to just horror films, you’ll find Whitaker in everything from dramas to comedies and currently has a good ten or eleven films currently in post-production. He worked steadily in television during the early part of his career and continues to appear in popular television series and made for TV movies to this day. Beyond his work in TV and film, Duane is a seasoned playwright with work produced in both Los Angeles and New York.

… A handful of DAWN OF THE DEAD (and George Romero film) alumni that haven’t been with us in several years… or at all…

Sharon Ceccatti-Hill

Sharon’s most well known “cult” role may be that of a lead zombie we all know better as the “Nurse Zombie” in George Romero’s DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978), where she appears in many scenes throughout film. And due to finding her zombie image on pictures, posters and books as the nurse zombie in the film, that image is known the world over. She’s also appeared in films like KNIGHTRIDERS, where she also did location casting, and shows up as the blond nurse in HELLRAISER 3. Sharon spent over 20 years as a casting director and worked with such directors as Ron Howard, George Romero, and Michael Chapman to name but a few; did an eight year stint assistant director of operations at a music amphitheater that hosted everyone from Ozzy Osbourne and AC/DC to Billy Joel and Brooks and Dunn, and has scouted locations for films that has taken her as far away as Spain and Morocco looking for bullring locations. She even joined the David Copperfield Tour and traveled the world helping to put on 500 shows a year for the world renowned magician. More recently, Sharon returned to the screen with small roles in the drama END GAME (2009) and the horror film, RIVER OF DARKNESS (2011).

Gary Marlatt

In 1978, when filming DAWN OF THE DEAD, Gary was involved in theatre, film, music, production and promotion. He helped run The Fresh Energies Theatre where George Romero could and would premier his films, so he was tapped to appear as a lead zombie in DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978). Friday morning before a late night Dawn shoot, Gary was summoned to a cave rescue where a fellow spelunker was trapped. After a long day of working in the rain on a rope elevator, the red leather jacket Gary was wearing got quite muddy. He arrived at the Monroeville Mall shoot still wearing that jacket, and Romero gave him the thumb’s up and told him to keep it on for the shoot. He was tapped to attack the survivors as they attempted to seal off the entrance and exit doors of the mall with semi-trucks, and the “red jacket zombie” found himself in many a still photo for the film. Gary is a very “zen” sort of guy. An activist and self described “peacenik” that always seems willing to help someone out if he can. He’s into “healthy living” and doing what he can to preserve Mother Earth and not destroy it (as, sadly, we have and continue to do, for the last few centuries now.) Gary has never really done the convention rounds, and you’ll surly know the “red jacket zombie” when you see a photo of him. CW has had somewhere in the neighborhood of 30+ Dawn of the Dead alumni over the years, so be sure to stop over, say hello, and add him to that poster that is slowly running out of room for another autograph next Spring.

Bob Michelucci

Bob spent many a year working as a graphic production artist before he found himself one of the pioneers of horror publishing with his first book, The Collectors Guide to Monster Magazines in 1977. It was considered the “bible” for monster magazine collecting and Bob published the updated second edition in 1988. in 1978, Bob and his partner designed and co-published the slick sci-fi magazine, Questar, with saw circulation reach 100,000 copies at its peak in 1981. In 1981, he formed Imagine, Inc. and began a long career of designing and publishing trade paperback titles like Tom Savini’s Grand Illusions Book 1 and Book 2, Dick Smith’s Monster Make-up Handbook, The Complete Night Of the Living Dead Filmbook, Forrest Ackerman’s Famous Monsters of Filmland trade paperback (with the intro by Christopher Lee) as well as Bruno Sammartino’s Autobiography of Wrestling’s Living Legend, to name a few books you probably own to this day (all while producing a few TV Specials, documentaries, and videos along the way.) He partnered up with John Russo to publish the magazine, Screen Queens Illustrated, a Playboy-styled magazine featuring the women of B horror; as well as several trading card sets, mini-poster prints, and more. In 1978, Bob played the “Scope Zombie” that Ken Foree’s character zooms in on during the gun shop scene as well as a zombie that attacks one of the motorcycle raiders later in the film. He also appeared as a priest in CHILDREN OF THE DEAD (2001), a cop in John Russo’s SANTA CLAWS (1996) where he was also a producer and did some special effects.

Joe Shelby

Joe did double duty in George Romero’s DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978). He showed up early in the film as “Martinez”, the bandit who had his people hold up in the apartment building the S.W.A.T. team was surrounding. Later, he appeared as a Motorcycle Raider when he showed up as the first van driver when the raiders stumbled across the mall our heroes were taking refuge in, (and may even show up as a zombie as well?…) He also appeared as a squire in Romero’s KNIGHTRIDERS (1981), a hood in BLOODSUCKING PHARAOHS IN PITTSBURGH (1991), a doctor in Tim Robbins BOB ROBERTS (1992), showed up in Kevin Smith’s DOGMA (1999), had the role of “Jonathan Blake” in SLAVEZ OF HORROR LAND (2005). and was one of the original miners killed in MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D (2009), to name a few of the films Joe had found himself appearing in. Joe worked on his own little indy horror film based on the legend of the “Green Man” for a couple of years and it finally saw completion in 2011.

Nick Tallo

Behind the scenes, Nick has carved out a career working behind the camera as a grip, cameraman, or working the lights for too many films and TV shows to count including almost 600 episodes as the floor manager on Mister Rogers Neighborhood between 1972 and 2001 when Fred Rogers finally retired the popular kids show. He’s worked on several horror films all Wasteland fans will know, including KNIGHTRIDERS (1981), CREEPSHOW (1982), SLEEPAWAY CAMP (1983), DAY OF THE DEAD (1985), NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1990), all the way through MY BLOODY VALENTINE (2009). Nick has taken a few rolls in front of the camera, including playing “Bomba,” the grenade-tossing Motorcycle Raider in George Romero’s DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978), and as a customer in KNIGHTRIDERS (1981). He’s also appeared in the horror films, ISLAND OF TORTURE (2006), TORTURE TOYS (2008), RIVER OF DARKNESS (2011), and ALL SAINTS EVE (2015) to name a few.


… And a guest that was rescheduled from the October 2021 Show when she got stuck in “Airport Hell” and couldn’t get here until it was too late to bother.


Keli Richards

Massachusetts born Keli Richards moved to California at eighteen and answered an ad for modeling work where she became a client for the World Talent Modeling Agency. In the mid-1980s, Keli began her career in adult films with the spoof, FOR YOUR THIGHS ONLY (1984) and continued acting in adult films throughout the 80s. You can find her in mainstream ADULT films like THE SCENT OF A WOMAN (1985), SUZIE SUPERSTAR 2 (1985), LEGS (1985), THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES 4 (1986), EVERY WOMAN HAS A FANTASY 2 (1986), and SEXSCAPE (1987) to name a few. Of course, our favorite adult films were the spoofs, and Keli appeared in several adult movie spoofs of Hollywood films (and television shows) you may have picked up at your local video store: CAGNEY AND STACY (1984), RAMBONE THE DESTROYER (1985), THE EROTIC ADVENTURES OF DICKMAN AND THROBBIN (1986), LUST ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS (1986), UP ALL NIGHT (1986), RAMBONE MEETS THE DOUBLE PENETRATORS (1986), DEBBIE DUZ DISHES (1986), BEYOND THUNDERBONE (1986), and DOCTOR LUST (1987) to name a handful. Keli left the adult film industry in the late 80’s and moved to Rochester, NY to get married. Sadly, the marriage didn’t last and was annulled after only five months. Keli eventually met somebody else, got married, moved to Canada, and had a son. After a divorce in 1999, she started a career in banking, went back to school, and crossed into the medical field. A series of stumbles like drugs, an abusive third husband, and a three and a half year stretch in prison as a result of some very poor choices didn’t destroy her and only made her stronger. After a decade estranged from her son, they reunited. And Keli made a comeback in the porn industry in 2018 doing a MILF video. And yes, the Gin Blossoms song, “Keli Richards,” on their 1989 album, Dusted, is about her.
Keli has been rescheduled from our April 2021 Show when she was caught in “Airport Hell” trying to get here. Let’s hope things look a little brighter for her trip-wise this Spring.



A. Ghastlee Ghoul
The host of the Dayton and Springfield Ohio area’s long running, late night, horror-comedy schlockathon known as “The Ghastlee Movie Show” has been spewing video-vaudevillian cheese and sleaze to the untold millions... ah, hundreds... OK, dozens of fans held captive by his wit and wisdom for almost 30 years now. Occasionally joining Ghastlee for a Cinema Wasteland weekend is long time cohort in crime, Jeff McClellan: American, as well as Louu the XXXmas Devil, and Suspira; both members of the garage-punk band, SPLATTERTUDE. In addition to having Ghastlee and his band mates prowling our dealer and guest room all weekend long, why not join A. Ghastlee Ghoul every Saturday night, beginning at 8:00pm in Movie Room 1, as he presents A GHASTLEE NITE AT THE MOVIES LIVE SHOW, where he hosts a night of music, comedy, skits, interactive games and prize giveaways that has become somewhat of a drunken Saturday night tradition at Cinema Wasteland over the years. A. Ghastlee Ghoul has been with us since our very first show and we’ve sort of adopted him as our official Wasteland horror host. And although many a horror host have come and gone from Cinema Wasteland shows over the years, you can always count on Ghastlee to be with us twice a year.

Amy Lynn Best
Amy Lynn Best, a Pittsburgh PA native, has studied acting and dancing since she was three years old. She co-produced and costarred in the independent feature horror film, THE RESURRECTION GAME (2002), and like many independent film producers, she learned the film business from the ground up. On the short haunted house film, TENANT, Amy studied cinematography from that film's director of photography, Bill Fuller. Out of necessity, she learned the basics of grip work, camera operation, and the fine art of line producing. Since meeting her film making husband, Mike Watt, she has acted or worked on nearly a dozen films, including the critically-acclaimed feature, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE (2000), DR. HORROR’S EROTIC HOUSE OF IDIOTS (2003), along with ABATTOIR (2007), SPLATTER MOVIE (2008), DEMON DIVAS AND THE LANES OF DAMNATION (2009), “The Gorge” segment of George Romero’s DEADTIME STORIES 2 (2011), LITTLE BIG BOY (2012), TALES OF POE (2014) and RAZOR DAYS (2015) to name a few.

J.R. Bookwalter
Akron, Ohio native J.R. Bookwalter spent almost four years completing what would become his first feature film: THE DEAD NEXT DOOR (1988). Upon its completion in LA, J.R. ran into producer David DeCoteau, who was just starting his own small production company, and spent the next four years writing, directing, producing, mixing sound or scoring for nine feature films and four special interest videos for DeCoteau. In 1991, Bookwalter used what he had learned and started Tempe Entertainment, further teaching himself the ins and outs of low budget film production and distribution. You name it and J.R. Bookwalter has more than likely tried it in order to get his films made. In addition to producing, directing and editing, you’ll find him occasionally acting, doing make up and effects work and/or pretty much any crew job required of him. In addition to THE DEAD NEXT DOOR, some of the films all fans should recognize that J.R. wrote, produced or directed include: KINGDOM OF THE VAMPIRE (1991), OZONE (1993), THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 25th ANNIVERSARY DOCUMENTARY (1993), MIDNIGHT 2 (1993), THE SANDMAN (1996), BLOODLETTING (1997), WITCHHOUSE 2 and 3 (2000/2001), DEAD AND ROTTING (2002), HELL ASYLUM (2002) and so many others. Over the last few years, JR has been remastering some of his oldest films for Special Edition blu-ray discs. Let’s see what he’ll have ready for fans to pick up this time around.

Dirk Manning

Dirk is the writer/creator of the horror comic series Tales of Mr. Rhee (Devil’s Due) and Nightmare World (Image Comics/Shadowline) as well as several other comic book series and graphic novels. Aside from writing horror comics, Dirk is also the author of Write or Wrong: A Writer’s Guide to Creating Comics (Caliber) and has written several short films for the popular YouTube horror series BlackBoxTV, including “The Hunger,” “The Night Shift” and “Zombie.” Dirk’s been a regular at the October CW Show for the past few years, and if you’ve been yearning to read some great modern horror comics or are interested in the craft of writing for comics or film, be sure to stop and chat with him. He’s always willing to offer a little advise for the asking. When he’s not set-up at Cinema Wasteland or assorted comic shows and conventions, you can find Dirk prowling the internet

The Mummy and the Monkey
In the grand tradition of Cleveland Horror Hosts comes The Mummy and the Monkey’s Hairy Scary Hangout, hosted by Janet Decay and Grimm Gori. Their weekly Live Streaming Friday Night Facebook Show delivers bits, skits, and a scary flick! And the live platform allows them to mix it up in real time with the viewing audience, which sets them apart from most other horror host shows. Are you D.T.F.?(Down To Friday) Then grab a Drink, a Snack, and we'll see you at the Hangout this Friday! You’ll also find Janet Decay and Grimm Gori in the CW Show Guest and Vendor Room (or otherwise prowling the Show) all weekend long. Be sure to stop over, say hello, and check out what they have to offer as you pass through the Vendor and Guest room. You’ll also be able to catch a family friendly Mummy and Monkey Show on Saturday morning at the show in Movie Room 2 and pick up the DVD of that show (or any others they may have available) at their table later in the day.

Son of Ghoul
With 30+ years and thousands of shows broadcast on TV, Son of Ghoul is Akron and Cleveland’s longest continuous running horror host; as well as a long time regular here at the Cinema Wasteland show. Live in the Cleveland or Akron area? Then by all means, see if you can’t catch Son of Ghoul’s movie show on television. A life long Three Stooges fan that can actually boast that he owns all 190 Columbia produced Three Stooges shorts on 16mm film, Son of Ghoul presents a trio of Stooge Shorts every Saturday at Noon in Movie Room 1 and has recently started to put together the Saturday morning “politically incorrect” cartoon block for us. After all, Cinema Wasteland, cartoons, and the Three Stooges go together better than drunks and strippers. Well, almost better...


Tom Sullivan
TomTom was the makeup effects man, prop builder, stop motion animator... ah, hell, he did so much behind-the-scenes work that we feel Tom is at least partially responsible for the entire look and feel of Sam Raimi’s cult horror favorite, EVIL DEAD. Before EVIL DEAD, Tom was the special effects guy on Sam Raimi’s WITHIN THE WOODS (1978), the short film that Sam Raimi made to secure financing for EVIL DEAD. He also worked plenty an uncredited job on EVIL DEAD 2 and did some sculpting work on THE FLY 2 for Chris Wallas. A talented artist, Tom has also done illustrations for collectible card games, film production companies, book illustrations, and designed the ultra-cool “Book of the Dead” DVDs for the Anchor Bay limited edition EVIL DEAD and EVIL DEAD 2 releases. He also penned the TOM SULLIVAN’S BOOKS OF THE DEAD comic series and found himself taking a few acting roles in films like the horror-comedy BUDDY BEBOP VS THE LIVING DEAD (2009), SPLATTER MOVIE:THE DIRECTOR’S CUT (2008), DOG (2009), A SHEER AGENDA (2009) and a few short films. Tom is a regular here at Cinema Wasteland and has become a real fan favorite guest. Tom’s had his own “Sullivan Museum Room” at the CW Show for more years than we can count, where he puts original EVIL DEAD props, storyboards and artwork on display for all attending fans to see up close and personal. Tom was actually the first guest we invited to be a part of the very first Cinema Wasteland Show back in September 2000, and he’s been a part of the Cinema Wasteland Family ever since.


Mike Watt
Writer, director, and journalist Mike Watt wrote and directed THE RESURRECTION GAME (2001) and Bloody Earth Film's A FEAST OF FLESH (2007) (aka "Abattoir") through Happy Cloud Pictures, which he co-founded with the lovely and talented Amy Lynn Best and the less lovely but also talented Bill Homan. He also wrote the screenplays for SEVERE INJURIES (2003), WERE-GRRL (2002), SPLATTER MOVIE: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT (2008), DEAD MEN WALKING (2005) for The Asylum, THE SCREENING (2007) for G. Cameron Romero, as well as DEMON DIVAS AND THE LANES OF DAMNATION (2009) and RAZOR DAYS (2015). Mike has worked as an editor, producer, actor, and most any other job needed to complete a film or short. He was the editor of Sirens of Cinema Magazine and is always tirelessly persueing most anything to pay his rent… ah, further the independent film spirit and commerodity all of us in this business equally share. He currently publishes Exploitation Nation, a magazine devoted to the indy and classic film scene.

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Guest appearances are based on schedules permitting. Guests do charge a nominal fee for autographs. Show events are naturally subject to change.