September 27, 2022

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...Celebrating the cult cannibal black comedy classic Motel Hell with...


Kevin Connor

Director Kevin Connor developed a passion for films as a child. He found work with documentary film company, British Films Ltd., as an assistant film editor and went on to work in the editing rooms of several studios. His first chance to direct came when Amicus Films producer Milton Subotsky hired him to direct the anthology horror film, FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE (1974). This led to Conner directing a series of fantasy-adventure films, including THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT (1974), AT THE EARTH’S CORE (1976) with Peter Cushing and Caroline Munro, THE PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT (1977), WARLORDS OF THE DEEP (1978), and ARABIAN ADVENTURE (1979) with Christopher Lee. Conners moved to Los Angeles in 1980 where he directed the cult horror comedy, MOTEL HELL (1980), for United Artists as well as the American-Japanese co-production, THE HOUSE WHERE EVIL DWELLS (1982). He found himself working steady in television, and was drawn to made for TV movies and high-profile mini-series like Master of The Game (1984), North and South Book 2 (1986), Great Expectations (1989), The Old Curiosity Shop (1995), Frankenstein (2004), Blackbeard (2006), and Marco Polo (2007) to name but a few. He also directed a couple episodes of popular television shows like Space:1999 (1976) and Remington Steele, and several episodes of Hart to Hart (1982-83) among his many TV credits. Kevin Connor is still very much active and has continued to direct (mostly) TV movies the last few years. The Fall CW Show will be his first ever convention appearance.


Nina Axelrod
New York born Nina Axelrod got her start in television, appearing in an episode of The Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries and Charlie’s Angels before moving into feature films with small roles in ROLLER BOOGIE (1979) and HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS (1980) before landing the role of “Terry” in MOTEL HELL (1980). You can also find Nina in TIME WALKER (1982), BRAINSTORM (1983), the thriller, CROSS COUNTRY (1983), COBRA (1986) with Sylvester Stallone, and CRITTERS 3 (1991) to name a few of her film roles. Nina began working in the Casting Department of several productions in the mid-1980’s and as a Casting Director in 1987. She slowly fazed out of acting and continued working as a Casting Director and in the Casting Department of several film and television productions, including NIGHTFLIERS (1987), REMOTE CONTROL (1988), FRIGHT NIGHT 2 (1988), CRITTERS 3 (1991), and CRITTERS 4 (1992) to name a few.

Paul Linke
New York born Paul Linke got his start in feature films with a role in the drama, THE BABY MAKER (1970) and the Roger Corman produced Drive-In flick, BIG BAD MAMA (1974) with Angie Dickinson, William Shatner, and Tom Skeritt. You also find him in other Drive-In favorites like MOVING VIOLATION (1976), and Ron Howards first feature film, GRAND THEFT AUTO (1977), before he landed the role of “Bruce Smith” in MOTEL HELL (1980). Paul can be found in the sci-fi western, SPACE RAGE (1985), the Steve Martin comedy, PARENTHOOD (1989), Charles Band’s horror-comedy, SHRUNKEN HEADS (1994), sci-fi flick, K-PAX (2001), horror film, FALLEN ANGELS (2006), and the thriller, THE GUEST HOUSE (2016) to name a few films Wastelanders may have seen. Paul was a regular on CHIPs where he played “Officer Arthur Grossman” in 116 episodes of the series and has worked steady in TV movies and television shows, like Lavern and Shirley, Happy Days, M*A*S*H, St. Elsewhere, The Flash, Quantum Leap, Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, and Judging Amy to name but a few of the shows he been in over the years.

...Other Guests Include...


Carolyn Brandt

Carolyn appeared in EEGAH (1962) and WILD GUITAR (1962) before starring in several cult films that her husband at the time, Ray Dennis Steckler, made in the 1960s and 70s. You’ll find her in the cult horror film, THE INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES THAT STOPPED LIVING AND BECAME MIXED-UP ZOMBIES (1964), and one of Steckler’s best films, THE THRILL KILLERS (1964); along with the super hero spoof RAT PFINK AND BOO BOO (1966), kiddie comedy THE LEMON GROVE KIDS MEET THE MONSTERS (1968), the crime thriller BODY FEVER (1969), adult horror flick THE MAD LOVE LIFE OF A HOT VAMPIRE (1971), BLOOD SHACK (1971), and was “the Skid Row Slasher” in THE HOLLYWOOD STRANGLER MEETS THE SKID ROW SLASHER (1979) to name a few of the films she made with Ray Dennis Steckler. Carolyn Brandt will be making her first ever convention appearance this Fall so let’s show her why Cinema Wasteland fans are the best fans in the world.

Jeff Lieberman
Writer, director, and producer, Jeff Lieberman, rules the Drive-In’s as writer and director of SQUIRM (1976), BLUE SUNSHINE (1977) and JUST BEFORE DAWN (1981), a trio of imaginative, low budget shockers that have easily taken their place as genuine cult classics over the years. He also wrote the story for and co-directed the made for TV movie DOCTOR FRANKEN (1980) with Robert Vaughn and David Selby, and wrote, produced and directed the sci-fi comedy, REMOTE CONTROL (1987) with Kevin Dillon and Jennifer Tilly. Proving his mind isn’t always on “horror” he also penned the script for THE NEVERENDING STORY 3 (1994) as well as producing and directing his share of television shows, commercials and a handful of documentaries. Jeff returned to his horror movie roots with the amusing horror-comedy, SATAN’S LITTLE HELPER (2004), and teamed up with John Waters in 2007 to present the TV show ‘TIL DEATH DO WE PART, a collection of stories about real life marriages that end with one spouse murdering the other. He’s recently completed his autobiography, Day of the Living Me: Adventures of a Cult Filmmaker, which he will have available at the show.

Leonard Lies
Our old pal Len Lies wasn’t just the infamous “Machete Zombie” in George Romero’s horror classic, DAWN OF THE DEAD. No sirree, Len has also worked behind the camera on many a film project including DAWN OF THE DEAD and Romero’s KNIGHTRIDERS. You’ll also find him in the indie horror film, FINAL CURTAIN (2005) as well as several documentaries. Len and also writes, produces, directs, and edits his own projects; which consist of everything from industrial films, kids movies and shorts to feature films with his own production company, Dream Catchers Films, Inc.

Jeffrey Nothing

Co-founder and long time vocalist for the Cleveland-based heavy metal band, Mushroomhead (1993 - 2018), you’d find him under a wide variety of face paint and mask designs over the course of his career. Jeff also fronted the band Purgatory in the mid-1980s, his own band Hatrix, plays guitar in the band Foose, and is currently heading up another new band, Nothing. In addition to the Mushroomhead music videos, he’s also appeared in several indy horror films, including THE DEAD MATTER (2010), 13th SIGN (2011), ATTACKED ON SET (2012), DWELLERS (2021) and DEAD QUIET, which is currently in post-production.
Jeff will be appearing on Friday and Sunday. His table will be manned on Saturday and I’m sure he will leave behind some autographed items for fans that may only attend on Saturday. He tells us that he may be able to appear for a couple hours earlier in the day on Saturday, so just stay tuned as we will certainly post it when he knows for sure what his schedule is.

Alex Vincent

New Jersey born Alex Vincent played “Andy Barclay”, the unfortunate little kid who found himself on the wrong side of “Chucky” in CHILD’S PLAY (1988). In 1989 he starred in the Belgian drama, WAIT UNTIL SPRING, BANDI (1989) before reprising the role of “Andy” in CHILD’S PLAY 2 (1990), a movie that had a bit more of a mean streak than the first film did. At 13 Alex was cast along side Dee Wallace Stone in the family adventure flick, MY FAMILY TREASURE (1993). Alex sort of left acting behind and carried on with other interests for a few years after MY FAMILY TREASURE but returned to acting with the Australian horror film, DEAD COUNTRY (2008) and as a prank caller in the comedy, ON THE ROPES (2011). In 2013, Alex returned to the role of “Andy Barclay” in both CURSE OF CHUCKY (2013) and CULT OF CHUCKY (2017), as well as the recent CHUCKY TV Series (2021). You can also find Alex in HOUSE GUEST MASSACRE (2013), THE DARK MILITARY (2019), and currently has a couple of films in post-production.

*9/27/22 -
Alex is caught hunkering down and bracing for the Florida hurricane that is now upon him. The airline canceled his flight yesterday (9/26) so he will be rescheduled to the March 31 - April 1 & 2, 2023 Show.

Zandor Vorkov

“The Drive-In Dracula”, Zandor Vorkov, will always be remembered as the goateed Count Dracula in Al Adamson’s cult drive-in classic, DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN (1971), alongside J. Carrol Nash as “Dr. Frankenstein”, Lon Chaney Jr. as the doctor’s lumbering assistant “Groto”, and 7 foot 4 inch John Bloom as “The Monster.” The film played for years on Independent International double bills and was re-released to the drive-in screen and television in 1982 where it became a popular late night movie for all of us who wandered in after Midnight and flipped on the tube looking for something to watch in the pre-infomercial days. You can also find Vorkov as “Mohammad” in Adamson’s BRAIN OF BLOOD (1971) as well as David Gregory’s documentary on the life and films of Al Adamson, FLESH & BLOOD: THE REEL LIFE AND GHASTLY DEATH OF AL ADAMSON (2019).

Joel Weiss
Joel Weiss’ first feature film role was as “Cropsey”, second in command of the Rogues, a rival gang in THE WARRIORS (1979), and he’s worked steadily in film and television since. You’ll find Joel in slew of thrillers, crime films, and comedies like BREWSTER’S MILLIONS (1985) with Richard Pryor and John Candy, QUICKSILVER (1986) with Kevin Bacon, ANOTHER 48 HOURS (1990) with Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte, THE METEOR MAN (1993), CARNIVAL OF WOLVES (1996), and THE BLUE LIZARD (2009) to name but a few. You’ll even find Joel in action films like FORGOTTEN HEROES (1990) with William Smith, STREET SOLDIERS (1991), cult director Andy Milligan’s MONSTROSITY (1987), and EDDIE PRESLEY (1992); along with a slew of television shows over the years including, Cagney & Lacey, Martin, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Mike Hammer, and as serial killer “Calvin Rooney” in Dexter. Joel currently can be found in the thriller LOST ANGELAS (2019) and just filmed his scenes in the action film, TEAM OF TWO (2022).

Vernon Wells
Australian actor Vernon Wells started out as a typical blue collar guy working a regular job before he was noticed by casting agents and started to appear in Australian TV commercials, print ads and TV shows. His career took a turn for the better when he was cast as the homicidal biker “Wez” in director George Miller’s THE ROAD WARRIOR (1981) aka Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, which easily remains his most recognizable role to international audiences. He spoofed his mad biker role in the popular cult comedy WEIRD SCIENCE (1985) before landing the role of villainous ex-soldier “Bennet” in the Arnold Schwarzenegger action film COMMANDO (1985). From there, a career portraying any number of cinematic B movie villains took off and Wells has worked steadily in films like LAST MAN STANDING (1987), NAM ANGELS (1989), CICUITRY MAN (1990), HARD JUSTICE (1995), and KICK OF DEATH (1997) ever since. Vernon Wells worked with cult director Stuart Gordon on the sci-fi films, FORTRESS (1992) and SPACE TRUCKERS (1996), director Cirio Santiago on action films like STRANGLEHOLD (1994), ULTIMATUM (1994) and VULCAN (1997), and cult director John Buechler on films like CURSE OF THE FORTY-NINER (2002), SAURIAN (2006) and THE STRANGE CASE OF DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE (2006). You’ll find him in comedies like SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE (1990) with Cheech Marin, MISFIT PATROL (1998), and Fred Olen Ray’s BILLY FRANKENSTEIN (1998). He’s appeared in several horror films, including BENEATH LOCH NESS (2002), BLOOD RANCH (2006), SILENT NIGHT, ZOMBIE NIGHT (2009), THE DEAD UNDEAD (2010), HIDE AND GO SEEK (2014), DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE (2017), and ALIEN HUNGER (2017) to name but a very few few. Although you’ll still find him playing bad guys like “Ransik” in the popular Power Rangers television and film series, the past several years has seen Wells playing “good guys” like sheriffs, detectives, and various government agents in several film projects. With almost 250 film and TV credits to his name and roughly 50 new films currently in various stages of production, it doesn’t appear that Vernon Wells career is going to be slowing down any time soon.


...The Return of a couple of Culty Cleveland Favorites!


Wayne Alan Harold
Wayne is a northeastern Ohio filmmaker. In the late 80s, he produced the "Toby Radloff, Genuine Nerd" segments for MTV News. In the early 90s, he co-created the cult flicks KILLER NERD (1991) and BRIDE OF KILLER NERD (1992) starring Toby Radloff, along with the serial-killer-comedy GIRLFRIENDS (1993). Harold laid low for most of the latter half of the 90’s but resurfaced in 2001 with his first solo film, TOWNIES (1997), also starring "Killer Nerd" Toby Radloff. This "Magnum Opus of CineTrash" cemented Harold's rep as a uniquely-talented exploitation filmmaker and returned Toby Radloff to cult stardom. Wayne also made a documentary on Toby Radloff called GENUINE NERD (2006) and is working on P. CRAIG RUSSELL’S GUIDE TO GRAPHIC STORYTELLING, a documentary series on the acclaimed comics illustrator as well as restoring and publishing P. Craig Russell’s creator owned work.


Toby Radloff

Toby is a self proclaimed “Genuine Nerd” and Cleveland area cult icon. He regularly appeared in Harvey Pekar's "American Splendor" comic-book, had regular segments on MTV in the late 80’s, starred in the cult movies KILLER NERD (1991), BRIDE OF KILLER NERD (1992), TOWNIES (1997), and appeared as himself in the Sundance award-winning film adaptation of Pekar's comic AMERICAN SPLENDOR (2004) and was featured on The Howard Stern Show. Toby may be a self-proclaimed "Genuine Nerd", but he's proud of it and his nerdyness is half of the guys charm. Toby was the subject of the documentary, GENUINE NERD (2006), hosted CHEAPSKATE THEATER (2016), and can be found in films like THE OH IN OHIO (2006), CORDOBA NIGHTS (2007), THE COMIC BOOK LADY (2008), SPIRIT ANIMAL (2019), and SONNY DAYS (2022).
** Toby will only be appearing Saturday and Sunday.


A. Ghastlee Ghoul
The host of the Dayton and Springfield Ohio area’s long running, late night, horror-comedy schlockathon known as “The Ghastlee Movie Show” has been spewing video-vaudevillian cheese and sleaze to the untold millions... ah, hundreds... OK, dozens of fans held captive by his wit and wisdom for over 30 years now. Occasionally joining Ghastlee for a Cinema Wasteland weekend is long time cohort in crime, Jeff McClellan: American, as well as Louu the XXXmas Devil, and Suspira; both members of the garage-punk band, SPLATTERTUDE. A. Ghastlee Ghoul has been with us since our very first show. We sort of adopted him as our official Wasteland horror host and he’s been the Wasteland AV guy for over 20 years now. The last few years you can find him and Suspira in the Vendor’s Room behind their tables all weekend long.

Amy Lynn Best
Amy Lynn Best, a Pittsburgh PA native, has studied acting and dancing since she was three years old. She co-produced and costarred in the independent feature horror film, THE RESURRECTION GAME (2002), and like many independent film producers, she learned the film business from the ground up. On the short haunted house film, TENANT, Amy studied cinematography from that film's director of photography, Bill Fuller. Out of necessity, she learned the basics of grip work, camera operation, and the fine art of line producing. Since meeting her film making husband, Mike Watt, she has acted or worked on nearly a dozen films, including the critically-acclaimed feature, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE (2000), DR. HORROR’S EROTIC HOUSE OF IDIOTS (2003), along with ABATTOIR (2007), SPLATTER MOVIE (2008), DEMON DIVAS AND THE LANES OF DAMNATION (2009), “The Gorge” segment of George Romero’s DEADTIME STORIES 2 (2011), LITTLE BIG BOY (2012), TALES OF POE (2014) and RAZOR DAYS (2015) to name a few.

J.R. Bookwalter
Akron, Ohio native J.R. Bookwalter spent almost four years completing what would become his first feature film: THE DEAD NEXT DOOR (1988). Upon its completion in LA, J.R. ran into producer David DeCoteau, who was just starting his own small production company, and spent the next four years writing, directing, producing, mixing sound or scoring for nine feature films and four special interest videos for DeCoteau. In 1991, Bookwalter used what he had learned and started Tempe Entertainment, further teaching himself the ins and outs of low budget film production and distribution. You name it and J.R. Bookwalter has more than likely tried it in order to get his films made. In addition to producing, directing and editing, you’ll find him occasionally acting, doing make up and effects work and/or pretty much any crew job required of him. In addition to THE DEAD NEXT DOOR, some of the films all fans should recognize that J.R. wrote, produced or directed include: KINGDOM OF THE VAMPIRE (1991), OZONE (1993), THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 25th ANNIVERSARY DOCUMENTARY (1993), MIDNIGHT 2 (1993), THE SANDMAN (1996), BLOODLETTING (1997), WITCHHOUSE 2 and 3 (2000/2001), DEAD AND ROTTING (2002), HELL ASYLUM (2002) and so many others.

The Mummy and the Monkey
In the grand tradition of Cleveland Horror Hosts comes The Mummy and the Monkey’s Hairy Scary Hangout, hosted by Janet Decay and Grimm Gori. Their weekly Live Streaming Friday Night Facebook Show delivers bits, skits, and a scary flick! And the live platform allows them to mix it up in real time with the viewing audience, which sets them apart from most other horror host shows. Are you D.T.F.?(Down To Friday) Then grab a Drink, a Snack, and we'll see you at the Hangout this Friday! You’ll also find Janet Decay and Grimm Gori in the CW Show Guest and Vendor Room (or otherwise prowling the Show) all weekend long. Be sure to stop over, say hello, and check out what they have to offer as you pass through the Vendor and Guest room. You’ll also be able to catch a family friendly Mummy and Monkey Show on Saturday morning at the show in Movie Room 2 and pick up the DVD of that show (or any others they may have available) at their table later in the day.

Son of Ghoul
With 30+ years and thousands of shows broadcast on TV, Son of Ghoul is Akron and Cleveland’s longest continuous running horror host; as well as a long time regular here at the Cinema Wasteland show. Live in the Cleveland or Akron area? Then by all means, see if you can’t catch Son of Ghoul’s movie show on television. A life long Three Stooges fan that can actually boast that he owns all 190 Columbia produced Three Stooges shorts on 16mm film, Son of Ghoul presents a trio of Stooge Shorts every Saturday at Noon in Movie Room 1 and has recently started to put together the Saturday morning “politically incorrect” cartoon block for us. After all, Cinema Wasteland, cartoons, and the Three Stooges go together better than drunks and strippers. Well, almost better...


Mike Watt
Writer, director, publisher, and journalist Mike Watt wrote and directed THE RESURRECTION GAME (2001) and Bloody Earth Film's A FEAST OF FLESH (2007) (aka "Abattoir") through Happy Cloud Pictures, which he co-founded with the lovely and talented Amy Lynn Best and the less lovely but also talented Bill Homan. He also wrote the screenplays for SEVERE INJURIES (2003), WERE-GRRL (2002), SPLATTER MOVIE: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT (2008), DEAD MEN WALKING (2005) for The Asylum, THE SCREENING (2007) for G. Cameron Romero, as well as DEMON DIVAS AND THE LANES OF DAMNATION (2009) and RAZOR DAYS (2015). Mike has worked as an editor, producer, actor, and most any other job needed to complete a film or short. He was the editor of Sirens of Cinema Magazine and is always tirelessly perusing most anything to pay his rent… ah, further the independent film spirit and commerodity all of us in this business equally share. He currently publishes Exploitation Nation, a magazine devoted to the indy and classic film scene and is getting ready to launch another magazine that may even be available by the time the Fall Show rolls around.

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Guest appearances are based on schedules permitting. Guests do charge a nominal fee for autographs. Show events are naturally subject to change.