March 23, 2019

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Join us for another first time reunion when we present the cast of David Durston’s cult horror classic, I DRINK YOUR BLOOD.

Elizabeth Marner-Brooks
Elizabeth played shop owner, “Mildred Nash,” in Dave Durston’s I DRINK YOUR BLOOD (1970). Other than doing her best to avoid rabid hippies, you can find Elizabeth in an episode of the popular 70’s / 80’s television series, Hart to Hart, as well as cult horror ’n sci-fi film, DEADLY SPAWN (1983) and the horror-thriller, DOGS OF WAR (1983).

Rhonda Fultz

Before Rhonda took the role of the hippie cult leaders girlfriend “Molly” in I DRINK YOUR BLOOD (1970), she appeared in the terrific crime drama, IN COLD BLOOD (1967) as the friend of murder victim “Nancy Clitter.” After I DRINK YOUR BLOOD, Rhonda appeared in David Durston’s slow burn thriller, STIGMA (1972).

Tyde Kierney
Tyde played “Andy” in I DRINK YOUR BLOOD (1970), where he lost his head over love interest “Mildred Nash” in the film. You’ll find Tyde in thrillers like INTERNAL AFFAIRS (1990), BRIGHT ANGEL (1990), JACK OF HEARTS (1999) and THE PERFECT GUY (2015); as well as Martin Scorsese’s CASINO (1995), Jim Wynorski’s VAMPIRELLA (1996) and Terry Gilliam’s FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS (1998). You’ll also find Tyde appearing in several popular television shows over the years, like Highway To Heaven, Freddy’s Nightmares, The Wonder Years, and L.A. Law.

Lynn Lowry

Lynn Lowry began acting professionally at age of 17. Her first film role was a small part in THE BATTLE OF LOVE’S RETURN (1970), directed by and starring Lloyd Kaufman, the man who founded Troma. Her next role was an uncredited part, when in 1970, after director David Durston already had his cast and script ready to go, just couldn’t let her get away and cast her as a mute member of a gang of Satanists in his Drive-In classic, I DRINK YOUR BLOOD (1970). In 1972 she played opposite Mary Woronov in LOVE, DEATH which led her to her playing a dual role (again opposite Mary Woronov) in the revenge-thriller, SUGAR COOKIES (1973) which required Lynn to act in the nude for the first time. Radley Metzger’s SCORE (1973), a soft core semi-documentary flick really paved the way for Lynn to cash in on her sex appeal, and one of her finest roles was as Richard Liberty’s neurotic daughter “Kathy” in George Romero’s THE CRAZIES (1973). Lynn also appeared in David Cronenberg’s THEY CAME FROM WITHIN (1975), the Jonathan Deme film, FIGHTING MAD (1976), and cult favorite CAT PEOPLE (1982). In the early 80’s, Lynn moved to the Los Angeles area where she began acting in local theater, taking the occasional film role, and singing old folk songs and show tunes with her own band. The past few years have found Lynn quite busy and she can be found in several horror films, including anthology horror outing DEAD THINGS (2005), SPLATTER DISCO (2007) with Ken Foree, BEYOND THE DUNWICH HORROR (2008), SCHISM (2008), BASEMENT JACK (2008), director Breck Eisner’s remake of THE CRAZIES (2010), NEXT DOOR (2010), and dozens more independent, mainstream, and short films between 2010 and 2018. As of this posting, Lynn is busier than ever and has roughly 25 new films in various stages of production, including the reimagining of David Cronenberg’s classic RABID, which is now in post-production.

If that’s not enough, how about our other terrific guests?!

Ginger Lynn Allen

In 1982, Ginger Lynn Allen headed to California to visit her ill grandfather and decided to stay. Late that same year, she answered an ad for a figure model which led to a layout in Penthouse magazine. Work in the adult film industry soon followed where she made 69 films and worked with a who’s who of industry vets and fresh faces. Her time in the adult film profession only lasted a couple of years thanks to the grueling schedule, but her films were released throughout the 1980s, keeping her fans happy throughout the decade and beyond. Following her years in adult films, she appeared in several more mainstream films, like HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD 2 (1989), the horror anthology SATAN’S STORYBOOK (1989), BURIED ALIVE (1990) with Robert Vaughn, Donald Pleasence, and John Carradine, and the VICE ACADEMY film series, where she starred opposite “B Queen” Linnea Quigley in the first two films of the series. Along with several smaller rolls in films like Ken Russell’s WHORE (1991), AMERICAN PIE: BAND CAMP (2005), Rob Zombie’s DEVIL’S REJECTS (2005) and 31 (2016), along with plenty of television work, Ginger has managed to stay active since her early days in adult films. In 1999, as one of the few adult stars to not trash the business after she first “retired”, she struck a comeback deal with VCA Pictures and returned to star in four new adult films, TORN (1999), WHITE LIGHTNING (2000), NEW WAVE HOOKERS 6 (2000) and TAKEN (2005). In 2006, Ginger started co-hosting Playboy’s “Night Calls Radio” program on Sirius satellite radio and has gone on to appear in several other adult videos since then.

Leslie Easterbrook
Who doesn’t know Leslie Easterbrook from her appearances as “Lt. Debbie Callahan” in the POLICE ACADEMY film series? After all, she played the character in five of the six films in the popular comedy series. Leslie has done a lot of TV work during her career and you can find her appearing in all kinds of made for TV movies and popular shows like FANTASY ISLAND, LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY, DUKES OF HAZZARD, BAYWATCH, and MURDER SHE WROTE any time you turn on the TV. She also does voice work, including fun stuff like the BATMAN and SUPERMAN animated series for people like us who click on Cartoon Network late at night. Besides doing a spectacular job with the role of “Mother Firefly” in DEVIL’S REJECTS (2005), you can find Leslie in a few other more “wasteland” type roles like the serial killer love story MANIACTS (2001), DISMEMBERED (2003), HOUSE (2007), Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN (2007), SORORITY HOUSE MASSACRE (2012), HOUSE OF THE WITCHDOCTOR (2013), TERROR BIRDS (2016) and over a dozen other assorted comedies, thrillers, and horror films.

Jeff Lieberman -
Writer, director, and producer, Jeff Lieberman, ruled the Drive-In’s as writer and director of SQUIRM (1976), BLUE SUNSHINE (1977) and JUST BEFORE DAWN (1981), a trio of imaginative, low budget shockers that have easily taken their place as genuine cult classics over the years. He also wrote the story for and co-directed the made for TV movie DOCTOR FRANKEN (1980) with Robert Vaughn and David Selby, and wrote, produced and directed the sci-fi comedy, REMOTE CONTROL (1987) with Kevin Dillon and Jennifer Tilly. Proving his mind isn’t always on “horror” he also penned the script for THE NEVERENDING STORY 3 (1994) as well as producing and directing his share of television shows, commercials and a handful of documentaries. Jeff returned to his horror movie roots with the amusing horror-comedy, SATAN’S LITTLE HELPER (2004), and teamed up with John Waters in 2007 to present the TV show ‘TIL DEATH DO WE PART, a collection of stories about real life marriages that end with one spouse murdering the other that you can find if you look around for it. It’s been a number of years since Jeff was last with us, so we look forward to his return this April.

Samantha Mathis -
Exposed to the acting industry since she was a toddler, Samantha Mathis began acting in commercials and then television and TV movies before starring alongside Christian Slater in her first major film, PUMP UP THE VOLUME (1990). Steady work in television and film hasn’t ceased since, but some of the roles you may know her from include the cult comedy, SUPER MARIO BROS. (1993), music drama, THE THING CALLED LOVE (1993), John Woo’s BROKEN ARROW (1996), as the HIV positive junkie “Jane” in SWEET JANE (1998), AMERICAN PSYCHO (2000) with Christian Bale, the thriller, ATTRACTION (2000), and THE PUNISHER (2004) with Thomas Jane. She’s done plenty of horror and sci-fi related TV shows, appearing in The Other Limits, Harsh Realm, The Twilight Zone, Salem’s Lot, Under the Dome, and The Strain to name a few and currently has the horror films, BOARDING HOUSE (2018), and THE CLOVEHITCH KILLER (2018) under her belt.

Ola Ray
Her stepfather was in the Air Force, so Ola grew up in Japan where she sang in a rock band and did some modeling. She moved to Hollywood while still in her teens and was the June 1980 Playboy Playmate of the Month, which led to several roles in films like the boxing drama, BODY AND SOUL (1981), the Ron Howard comedy, NIGHT SHIFT (1982), 48 HRS. (1982) with Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy, and the crime thriller, 10 TO MIDNIGHT (1983) with Charles Bronson. In 1983 she wound up in a little 13 minute video directed by John Landis when she appeared as Michael Jackson’s girl in the music video for THRILLER (1983). The song and video became a monster size hit and Ola will forever be associated with it. She continued appearing in TV shows and films like the Abel Ferrara crime thriller, FEAR CITY (1984), THE NIGHT STALKER (1986) and BEVERLY HILLS COP 2 (1987). Ola slowed her career down in the 1990’s after her daughter was born but things have been on the upswing lately and Ola’s returned to acting. You’ll be able to see her in the thriller, SHOOTING HEROIN (2019), as well as the horror film, IT WANTS BLOOD (2019) when they are released, and the horror film, MAYA, is now in pre-production.

John Russo

Writer, director, producer and occasional actor John Russo will always be best remembered as the guy who wrote the screenplay for George Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) and unleashed actual flesh eating zombies on the cinematic world at large. He was also one of the original investors/producers and played both a Washington DC reporter and a “lead” zombie (as well as other behind-the-scene duties) on NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. As a writer, Russo has seen his books or screenplays for RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD (1985), THE MAJORETTES (1986), and VOODOO DAWN (1990) all turned into films. As both writer and director, Russo brought the world the 70’s sex comedy THE BOOBY HATCH (1976) which was also the first screen role for Dawn of the Dead’s David Emge; the cool misguided Satanists horror flick MIDNIGHT (1982), the vampire film HEARTSTOPPER (1993) with Moon Zappa, and the killer Christmas tale SANTA CLAWS (1996), among several others. These days, John Russo is still very much active in the independent film making scene and continues to make movies like SALOONATICS (2002). Russo has shared his 50 years of film experience in three different books on movie making. His latest novel, Epidemic Of The Living Dead, is currently getting great reviews, and his latest film, the horror-comedy MY UNCLE JOHN IS A ZOMBIE (2018) is finally complete and should be available by show time if not sooner. A remake of his popular MIDNIGHT is also slated to begin soon, and with any luck, ESCAPE OF THE LIVING DEAD may also see production in the near future as well.

Mink Stole

Baltimore native Mink Stole was part of John Waters’ motley crew of performers since his earliest 8mm film days. Calling themselves the Dreamland Players, Stole would become both a humorous foil and major nemesis of leading “lady” Divine over the years. Waters fans no doubt will remember Mink from early roles in MONDO TRASHO (1969) and MULTIPLE MANIACS (1970) but she really hit her stride when she played seedy fur coat wearing villain “Connie Marble” in PINK FLAMINGOS (1972), and continued the reign of troublemaker supreme in FEMALE TROUBLE (1974), DESPERATE LIVING (1977) and POLYESTER (1981). Although her roles in Waters films grew a little smaller as he moved more towards the mainstream market, she continued to appear in pretty much every film he’s made to date. Mink has also appeared in numerous films by directors other than John Waters, and you can find her in stuff like LIQUID DREAMS (1991), the BUCKET OF BLOOD (1995) TV movie, as “Aunt Helen” in the EATING OUT film series (2006 - 2011), and more recently, in the dramas MOM (2013) and CITIZENS (2014) and the horror film, HUSH UP SWEET CHARLOTTE (2015). She’s acted on stage, wrote an advice column for the Baltimore City Paper, and continues to act as regularly as anyone working today... But naturally tends to take the roles that other people might pass on, proving you can never take the outlaw spirit out of a true film rebel. And we mean that with all the respect in the world! We’ve got a beautiful 16mm film print of PINK FLAMINGO’s at our disposal, so we’ll have to pull it off the shelf and run it through the projector for everyone attending the Spring Show.



A. Ghastlee Ghoul
The host of the Dayton and Springfield Ohio area’s long running, late night, horror-comedy schlockathon known as “The Ghastlee Movie Show” has been spewing video-vaudevillian cheese and sleaze to the untold millions... ah, hundreds... OK, dozens of fans held captive by his wit and wisdom for almost 30 years now. Occasionally joining Ghastlee for a Cinema Wasteland weekend is long time cohort in crime, Jeff McClellan: American, as well as Louu the XXXmas Devil, and Suspira; both members of the garage-punk band, SPLATTERTUDE. In addition to having Ghastlee and his band mates prowling our dealer and guest room all weekend long, why not join A. Ghastlee Ghoul every Saturday night, beginning at 8:00pm in Movie Room 1, as he presents A GHASTLEE NITE AT THE MOVIES LIVE SHOW, where he hosts a night of music, comedy, skits, interactive games and prize giveaways that has become somewhat of a drunken Saturday night tradition at Cinema Wasteland over the years. A. Ghastlee Ghoul has been with us since our very first show and we’ve sort of adopted him as our official Wasteland horror host. And although many a horror host have come and gone from Cinema Wasteland shows over the years, you can always count on Ghastlee to be with us twice a year.

Amy Lynn Best
Amy Lynn Best, a Pittsburgh PA native, has studied acting and dancing since she was three years old. She co-produced and costarred in the independent feature horror film, THE RESURRECTION GAME (2002), and like many independent film producers, she learned the film business from the ground up. On the short haunted house film, TENANT, Amy studied cinematography from that film's director of photography, Bill Fuller. Out of necessity, she learned the basics of grip work, camera operation, and the fine art of line producing. Since meeting her film making husband, Mike Watt, she has acted or worked on nearly a dozen films, including the critically-acclaimed feature, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE (2000), DR. HORROR’S EROTIC HOUSE OF IDIOTS (2003), along with ABATTOIR (2007), SPLATTER MOVIE (2008), DEMON DIVAS AND THE LANES OF DAMNATION (2009), “The Gorge” segment of George Romero’s DEADTIME STORIES 2 (2011), LITTLE BIG BOY (2012), TALES OF POE (2014) and RAZOR DAYS (2015) to name a few.

Pete Chiarella

Long time Wasteland friend, Pete Chiarella (aka 42nd Street Pete), has generally been our “go to guy” when it comes to all things Grindhouse related. In the Grindhouse heyday through its demise in the 80’s, Pete lived Times Square and all of the good, bad, and ugly, that went along with it. A few years back, he started hosting 42nd STREET PETE’S 8mm MADNESS; DVD collections of forgotten 70’s stag loops. Those releases turned into a string of loop and adult feature film collections on DVD that fans of classic smut can proudly hide from their kids. He’s found himself in a few soft core spoofs like THE INSATIABLE IRON BABE (2008) and BATBABE: THE DARK NIGHTIE (2008), along with the indy flick POLLEN (2016). Pete started the fanzine / magazine, Grindhouse Purgatory, where you can find him rambling on about the grand ol’ days of B movies, wrestling, and some of the assorted colorful characters he’s associated with over the years, and new issues of GP are usually available at the Show. Here at CW we’ll tap him to host a panel or guest talk when need be, and he always puts together and hosts the Saturday morning Hardcore Wrestling Hour, which has become a favorite way for a roomful of fans to start their film and event packed Saturday over the years.

Dirk Manning

Dirk is the writer/creator of the horror comic series Tales of Mr. Rhee (Devil’s Due) and Nightmare World (Image Comics/Shadowline) as well as several other comic book series and graphic novels. Aside from writing horror comics, Dirk is also the author of Write or Wrong: A Writer’s Guide to Creating Comics (Caliber) and has written several short films for the popular YouTube horror series BlackBoxTV, including “The Hunger,” “The Night Shift” and “Zombie.” Dirk’s been a regular at the October CW Show for the past few years, and if you’ve been yearning to read some great modern horror comics or are interested in the craft of writing for comics or film, be sure to stop and chat with him. He’s always willing to offer a little advise for the asking. When he’s not set-up at Cinema Wasteland or assorted comic shows and conventions, you can find Dirk prowling the internet.

The Mummy and the Monkey Show
In the grand tradition of Cleveland Horror Hosts comes The Mummy and the Monkey Show, hosted by Janet Decay and Grimm Gori, which combines two - count them - two productions in the time honored tradition of no budget Horror Shows: JANET DECAY’S ROTTEN REELS and GRIMM GORI’S EERIE CINEMATERY, which naturally offers up cheesy flicks and silly skits. Janet Decay and Grimm Gori grabbed themselves a table in the Guest and Vendor Room a couple of shows ago and decided to stay. You’ll find them once again prowling the Show all weekend so stop over, say hello, and check out what they have to offer as you pass through the Guest and Vendor Room.

Son of Ghoul
With 30+ years and thousands of shows broadcast on TV, Son of Ghoul is Akron and Cleveland’s longest continuous running horror host; as well as a long time regular here at the Cinema Wasteland show. Live in the Cleveland or Akron area? Then by all means, see if you can’t catch Son of Ghoul’s movie show on television. A life long Three Stooges fan that can actually boast that he owns all 190 Columbia produced Three Stooges shorts on 16mm film, Son of Ghoul presents a trio of Stooge Shorts every Saturday at Noon in Movie Room 1 and has recently started to put together the Saturday morning “politically incorrect” cartoon block for us. After all, Cinema Wasteland, cartoons, and the Three Stooges go together better than drunks and strippers. Well, almost better...


Tom Sullivan
TomTom was the makeup effects man, prop builder, stop motion animator... ah, hell, he did so much behind-the-scenes work that we feel Tom is at least partially responsible for the entire look and feel of Sam Raimi’s cult horror favorite, EVIL DEAD. Before EVIL DEAD, Tom was the special effects guy on Sam Raimi’s WITHIN THE WOODS (1978), the short film that Sam Raimi made to secure financing for EVIL DEAD. He also worked plenty an uncredited job on EVIL DEAD 2 and did some sculpting work on THE FLY 2 for Chris Wallas. A talented artist, Tom has also done illustrations for collectible card games, film production companies, book illustrations, and designed the ultra-cool “Book of the Dead” DVDs for the Anchor Bay limited edition EVIL DEAD and EVIL DEAD 2 releases. He also penned the TOM SULLIVAN’S BOOKS OF THE DEAD comic series and found himself taking a few acting roles in films like the horror-comedy BUDDY BEBOP VS THE LIVING DEAD (2009), SPLATTER MOVIE:THE DIRECTOR’S CUT (2008), DOG (2009), A SHEER AGENDA (2009) and a few short films. Tom is a regular here at Cinema Wasteland and has become a real fan favorite guest. Tom’s had his own “Sullivan Museum Room” at the CW Show for more years than we can count, where he puts original EVIL DEAD props, storyboards and artwork on display for all attending fans to see up close and personal. Tom was actually the first guest we invited to be a part of the very first Cinema Wasteland Show back in September 2000, and he’s been a part of the Cinema Wasteland Family ever since.


Mike Watt
Writer, director, and journalist Mike Watt wrote and directed THE RESURRECTION GAME (2001) and Bloody Earth Film's A FEAST OF FLESH (2007) (aka "Abattoir") through Happy Cloud Pictures, which he co-founded with the lovely and talented Amy Lynn Best and the less lovely but also talented Bill Homan. He also wrote the screenplays for SEVERE INJURIES (2003), WERE-GRRL (2002), SPLATTER MOVIE: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT (2008), DEAD MEN WALKING (2005) for The Asylum, THE SCREENING (2007) for G. Cameron Romero, as well as DEMON DIVAS AND THE LANES OF DAMNATION (2009) and RAZOR DAYS (2015). Mike has worked as an editor, producer, actor, and most any other job needed to complete a film or short. He was the editor of Sirens of Cinema Magazine and is always tirelessly persueing most anything to pay his rent… ah, further the independent film spirit and commerodity all of us in this business equally share.

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