September 27, 2022

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Films and Events


* MOVIE, MOVIES and more MOVIES! We cram in as many classic Drive-In movies, independent films and shorts as we can pack into a weekend. You’ll find movies and shorts on real 16mm film in our 200 seat “Film Room” and all kinds of indy films, shorts, and guest related features in our smaller, 100+ seat “DVD projection Room” all weekend long.

* Q&A Sessions, Live Movie Commentaries, Guest Talks and Movie Introductions... Our guests are always willing to interact with attending fans, and we’ve come up with all kinds of fun stuff for them to do over the years. Let’s see what we come up with for the next show shall we?

* SURPRISES and MORE SURPRISES! With most of the shows we run, things fall together a few weeks before show time. Be sure to check back as the show draws closer to see if we may have a surprise guest addition, extra film screening, or special event added to the weekend schedule.

* EVERY CINEMA WASTELAND MOVIE AND MEMORABILIA EXPO offers attending fans over 60 Hours worth of Movies and Programming over the course of three days. And it’s all 100% Free with the price of admission. It can be a bit overwhelming, so be sure to check over the complete Weekend Schedule of Films and Events before you arrive so you can plot out your weekend early. The Weekend Schedule is usually posted 3 or 4 weeks before any given show.


You can't have a "Movie Convention" without them, can you? ABSOLUTELY NOT! And we plan on showing plenty of films on both 16mm Film and Video at Cinema Wasteland - Many of which may be hosted by the Stars and Directors appearing as Guests at the show. Our evening film show is Free to all attendees and hotel guests.

Here are the movies we are showing on 16mm film:


THE BEES (1978)
Your typical evil corporation is smuggling killer bees from South Africa into the US and before you know it, huge swarms of bees are terrorizing the country. Now scientists, including our hero, John Norman, (John Saxon) are desperately trying to solve the problem before it’s too late. With Angel Tompkins as Saxon’s love interest and John Carradine and an awful German accent as her father. A wonderfully awful “animals attack” film marked by a ridicules script, incompetent filmmaking, and some rather bad acting. In other words, as far as a Wasteland film goes, it’s must see viewing!

DEMENTIA 13 (1963)
Shortly before they are to set to visit his family, John Halogen has a heart attack and dies while he and his wife, Louise, are out on a rowboat. Louise’s main concern that she can only hope to inherit some of his family money if he’s actually alive, so she tosses his body overboard and hides the truth by telling his family that he was called away on urgent business. The Halogens are an odd bunch. Still grieving over the death of the youngest daughter, Kathleen, who drowned in a pond when she was just a child, they hold an annual ceremony on the anniversary of her death. Louise’s scheming and scamming of the the family is cut short by the appearance of an ax-wielding killer during the annual anniversary. Often credited as Francis Ford Coppola’s first film (it actually wasn’t), Dementia 13 was shot on the set of Roger Corman’s The Young Racers (1963) around the shooting schedule of Corman’s film.

Paula Powers (Nancy Morgan) is the daughter of wealthy gubernatorial candidate Bigby Powers (Barry Cahill). Her parents try to play matchmaker and get Paula to marry rich boy Collins Hedgeworth (Paul Linke), but she’s in love with teenage sweetheart Sam Freeman (Ron Howard). They decide to swipe the Powers Rolls-Royce and head off to Las Vegas to get hitched. To make matters worse, spurned suitor Collins follows in hot pursuit and a $25,000 reward is offered for Paula’s return. Now there’s a whole slew of goons out to collect the reward and tear up the countryside in a high speed chase. You can never go wrong with mindless 1970’s car chase fun. Because he took the lead role in Eat My Dust, 23 year old Ron Howard was given the chance to direct this, his first feature film. And he did it in just 15 days too.

Tough female cop Susan Reilly (Donna Mills) is brought in to be part of a special case. Her investigation leads to the death of her father, Capt. John Shannon (Andrew Dugan). She’s shot and wakes up in the hospital to find out that she’s been framed for the murder of a colleague to discredit the evidence that she’s discovered. When she’s found passed out in the desert, she’s taken in by Doctor Arthur Sills (Robert Reed) who nurses her back to health. It plays a lot like The Fugitive with a female lead with Mills taking no prisoners in her effort to clear her name and bring the real killers to justice. The Hunted Lady originally aired on November 28th, 1977 on NBC television and is our Sunday morning made for TV movie pick of the show this time around.

A band of evil scientists are testing out germ warfare weapons on wild animals in Africa. They soon trespass into the valley of the “Killer Ape”, a half-man, half-ape creature (that actually resembles a caveman in big fuzzy boots more than an ape) that kills those that enter his domain. Jungle Jim (Johnny Weissmuller) is accused of murdering a native that has been providing the scientist with the animals he’s using in his experiments. In reality, it was the giant man ape that killed the guy and once the natives actually see the giant themselves, they finally believe him. With plenty of stock footage, white people natives, and Southern California filling in as the jungle. Another in Sam Katzman’s highly amusing Jungle Jim film series… that people actually refer to as the worst in the series, so you know it’s a good one!

After a German U-Boat sinks their ship, the survivors manage to take control of the boat. After several tussles with the Germans, they all find their themselves on the strange island of Caprona, where neanderthals co-exist with dinosaurs and active volcanos all add up to the challenge to survive in this fantasy-adventure from director Kevin Connor. With Doug McClure as the able-bodied son of an American shipbuilder, Keith Barron as the American Captain, and John McEnery as the German U-Boat Captain.

PLAGUE (1979)
An ambitious lab assistant carries out a forbidden experiment and accidentally creates a deadly bacteria which kills her and rapidly engulfs the city of Toronto. The authorities impose quarantine on all known contacts and order a curtain of secrecy to prevent panic whilst embarking on a desperate search for a cure. Meanwhile, one of the people in quarantine escapes and becomes the unwitting carrier of the disease. She spreads the plague wherever she goes, and becomes a fugitive on the run while eluding the police. Eventually, the full horror of the quickly spreading plague becomes public and the onslaught needs to be stopped before all human life is infected. This little Canadian sci-fi thriller from writer and director Ed Hunt (Starship Invaders, Bloody Birthday, Alien Warrior, The Brain, etc.) suffers from its low budget and lack of name actors, but if a slow burn sci-fi thriller is your cup of tea, you can do a lot worse.

Resident horror host, Son of Ghoul, will once again put together an hour’s worth of original cartoons to kick off Saturday morning. We give him free reign to screen any cartoons he’d like, so you never know what he’ll dig up. To give fans somewhere to go while waiting for the Vendor and Guest Room to open, cartoons kick off at 9:30am on Saturday mornings in MOVIE ROOM 1. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and stop in and see what’s in store this time around.

It’s been a tradition since the very first Cinema Wasteland Show to screen Three Stooges shorts on Saturday morning. Resident horror host, Son of Ghoul, took over the job of sorting out which Stooge shorts to run when he mentioned that he owned every short on 16mm film. Stooge hour moved from early mornings to Noon on Saturday and the rest, as they say, is Wasteland history.

W (1974)
Katie Lewis (1960s model and actress Twiggy) and her husband Ben (Michael Witney) discover they are the targets of a mysterious killer who always leaves the letter W at the scene of their near fatal “accidents.” Now, while trying to avoid death, they are out to discover the source of the attacks on their lives in this passable drive-in thriller.

Brand new intermission reels will once again screen between our Friday and Saturday night double features (and again on Sunday) between the 16mm film screenings at our next show. Chock full of assorted movie trailers, cartoons, old intermission and snack bar spots and public service announcements, these twenty minute reels will bring back memories of drive-in days gone by and are always a big hit with our attendees.

Here are the movies we are showing on DVD Projection:

Chuck, Burl, and Dale, the beer drinkin’, gun lovin’, chew spittin’… and reluctant Bigfoot hunting good ol’ boys are back for more! This time around, the guys are hunting down a Yeti that’s terrorizing a ski lodge. We screened the original Bigfoot the Movie a few years ago. The sequel is every bit as much fun as the original was.

Here’s an enjoyable documentary that explores the long and thriving independent horror film scene in Florida. From the underwater scenes filmed for the classic Creature From the Black Lagoon films in the fifties, to the Herschell Gordon Lewis and Dave Friedman “gore films” of the sixties, William Grefe’s drive-in films of the seventies, and the indie films of Tim Ritter and so many others since the shot-on-video eighties, Florida has always cracked out it’s share of horror and exploitation films. Director Sean Donohue jams his documentary with interviews, never before scene footage, photos, and more to offer the viewer a terrific look at what the Florida film scene has been about for over 50 years now.

Snuff film auteur and occultist, Cockhammer, is determined to unlock the secrets of the Black Mage diary and become something more than mortal by sacrificing women, naturally. When Cockhammer kidnaps over-sexed pill popping losers Terrence and Perander’s girlfriends, the guys are out to rescue them before they become the latest victims in Cockhammer’s plan to become a demigod.

When Dante, a man haunted by his dark past, reunites with his old friend Mahogany. Together they head to Mahogany’s old family vacation home - a place where more than a few dark events have taken place - to relive their degenerate past. As the atmosphere between them grows more sinister, it’s soon apparent that this reunion will be their last and only one of them will walk away alive in this late night slice of experimental film making.

One of Al Adamson’s most well known horror films stars J. Carrol Nash as a frail, wheel chair bound Dr. Frankenstein, who just so happens to run an amusement park horror show (under the alias of Dr. Durray) as a cover for his weird experiments. Lon Chaney, also near the end of his career, is the Doc’s imbecile Groton... I really don’t know what Chaney is since aging dwarf actor Angelo Rossitto is the Doc’s assistant? Maybe he’s an experiment?... Regardless, Chaney is sent out to scour the boardwalk for pretty young miniskirted girls and decapitate them with an ax while Rossitto helps him get back safely. Regina Carrol is Judith. She’s looking for her missing sister, unaware that she was a victim of Groton’s ax. Meanwhile, Dracula (Zandor Vorkov), shows up at the Doc’s place one night dragging the remains of the Frankenstein Monster with him. It isn’t long before the good doctor revives it and sends it to take revenge on people who have wronged him. Drac and the monster fight, killing themselves in the process, and everyone dies except Judith.

FREAK (2020)
The legend of deformed and abandoned Arthur Crenshaw becomes all too real for a group of friends on a weekend camping trip in this gory little indie horror tale.

Director Kevin Connor got his start working for Amicus Productions, and his first film as a director for them was this effective and underrated anthology of four horror stories that revolve around a mysterious antique shop owner (Peter Cushing) and the cursed antiques he sells to deserving customers. In THE GATE CRASHER, a mirror with an evil inhabitant drives a man to murder for sinister reasons. In AN ACT OF KINDNESS, an unhappily married man becomes involved with a charity case with a dutiful daughter. THE ELEMENTAL finds a mischievous spirit attach itself to a married couple; and THE DOOR concerns an old door that needs to be closed forever in order to contain a great evil from escaping.

Gunga Jim Presents GENIE OF DARKNESS (1962)
Resident horror host, Gunga Jim, presents GENIE OF DARKNESS, the third film in the Mexican “Nostradamus quartet with German Robles as the undead blood sucker. In order to stop the vampire from terrorizing the countryside, some locals decide it would be a great idea to break into his coffin at night and steal his ashes. Never a good idea. With American actor that spent most of his career making Mexican and Spanish horror films, Jack Taylor, as a vampire hunter.

HELL VAN (2022)
After the local nut case burns down the old church while a youth group was holding a sleep-over inside to raise money, he takes his own life in the name of Satan and unleashes the demon possessed Hell Van on the town of Midway, Texas… and no one is safe from the Hell Vans wrath!

HI-FEAR (2022)
What’s your greatest fear? That’s the question posed to Natalie, a young artist asked to create four terrifying stories for the new comic book, Hi-Fear. And told by four indie directors in this anthology horror film. In director Todd Sheets LOOSING IT AT THE DEVIL’S WHOREHOUSE, we find some friends out for a night of fun. When they venture into a den of sin, it just may cost them their lives. A cop and a televangelist commit the perfect murder in director Tim Ritter’s WHEN SHADOWS COME ALIVE, only to find themselves stranded in the woods with a family of cannibals. In Anthony Catanese’s segment, THE STREETS ARE WATCHING, we follow a homeless teen through an all-night odyssey of being chased by a demon-possessed madman. And finally, in Brad Sykes DAY OUT OF DAYS, we find a trio of isolated film crew members who find themselves at the center of an alien invasion.

Photographer Johnathan Click (Pierre Agostino) cruises Hollywood taking pictures of young models he then strangles. Meanwhile, a woman that works in an adult bookstore in downtown L.A. (Carolyn Brandt) takes it upon herself to kill off the unwanted local derelicts. It isn’t long before the “Hollywood Strangler” and the “Skid Row Slasher” meet up with each other in this low budget horror flick from Ray Dennis Steckler.

Harold Knuckle (Toby Radloff) is, well, a nerd. A stereotypical nerd at that. His unique behavior and dress make him a social outcast that’s picked-on and bullied by neighborhood punks and his co-workers. Enamored by a co-worker (Mimsel Sendak), he buys a tape series on how to be cool and eventually summons the nerve to go to her house, only to find her in the arms of another co-worker. Dejected, he goes out on the town and ends up partying with some chicks. When their friends show up, they turn out to be the same punks that harassed him earlier. When they trash and make fun of him again, something snaps and he begins to “take care” of the people who ridiculed him in gory, low budget ways. It’s a fun ride, and one of the rare no budget cult films that actually deserves the praise it gets.
This will be a premier screening of the new restored KILLER NERD! Tempe Video and CW regular, JR Bookwalter will be releasing the Killer Nerd & Bride of Killer Nerd Blu-ray double feature at the CW Show. Co-director / writer / producer, Wayne Alan Harold, and Toby Radloff will be on hand, so maybe we can get them to do an introduction to the new release come show time?

After Terry (Mina Axelrod) survives a motorcycle crash on a country road and her boyfriend Bo is killed, the seemingly friendly farmer and motel owner, Vincent Smith (Rory Calhoun) and his sister Ida (Nancy Parsons) let her stay at the motel until she recovers. Soon enough, Vincent falls for Terry, and this causes problems with his brother Bruce, the sheriff, who also has feelings for her. The motel is well known for Farmer Vincents affordable and delicious smoked meats and sausages, but little does Terry realize that those meats are actually made from people that Vincent and Ida kidnap after setting traps and causing car crashes on the nearby roads and highway. Then they are buried up to their heads, fattened up, seasoned, and smoked in this surprisingly enjoyable black comedy from director Kevin Connor.

The Mummy and Monkey Show: BIKINI MONSTERS (2010)
Resident Horror Hosts, Janet Decay and Grimm Gorri, are celebrating with their End of Summer Special, featuring the indie horror film BIKINI MONSTERS. In a secluded laboratory off the Florida coast, we find a scientist working on creating a mermaid. In the wake of his dark obsession to create the ultimate expression of beauty, he leaves a trail of mutilated test subjects. A detective opens an investigation into the disappearance of several local women and with the aid of a Marine biologist, uses herself as bait to lure her nemesis from hiding in order to stop his experiments.

Vampires aren’t allowed to fall in love with mortals. It always leads to ruin for the mortal and a broken heart for the vampire. Young Aurelius always feels like she is being watched. And she is. By 16th Century vampire, Vondrick, who falls for her. Gustavus is Vondrick’s brother in blood so to speak. He’s always looking out for Vondrick but can he prevent him from slipping and falling for a mortal? Find out is this gothic vampire outing.

Struggling twenty-something, John, finds himself on the wrong side of your typical evil corporation by simply trying to make a few bucks to pay his rent. Along the way, he tends to film everything that happens to him and the people around him in this weird little adventure that his life becomes when a couple of corporate goons are hot on his trail.

The Rock Bottom Video crew is back with a series of not-so-gruesome terror tales, including Count Dracula getting some bad news from his doctor; a cautionary tale of adoption; fun with a right wing conspiracy theory guy; an amusing homage to Jose Mojica Marins “Coffin Joe” character, and more silliness than you can shake a rubber rat at.

THIS IS ELVIS’ BIRTHDAY ’92 With Mike Hudson (1992)
Made using a broken super-8 sound camera that didn’t want to stay in focus, this is the film that Film Threat called “the worst documentary ever made”… and hey, how can we argue with that? Hosted by Mike Hudson (of the Cleveland punk band, The Pagans) this incredibly inept view of the impact Elvis had on the small town of Corry, PA fifteen years after his death lacks any actual “facts” about Elvis but does contain plenty of politically incorrect silliness. Shot on a whim by Pagans drummer and Pink Holes guitarist, Bob Richey, this film was so ill-conceived that Elvis’ actual age wan’t even figured out until over halfway through the film. This documentary short was also one of the first editing jobs Wasteland Promoter Ken Kish did for somebody else, and damn, did he have his work cut out for him trying to make some sort of sense out of the footage! With the recent passing of Mike Hudson, producer / director Richey did a slight recut of the film and added a few little scenes to make it flow a little better than the original cut did, but have no fear. It’s still every bit as bad as it was 30 years ago!

Gary Bardo (Gary Kent) is a claustrophobic nutcase with a knife. Herbie Click (Herb Robbins) never sets down his ax. Keith Rogers (Keith O’Brien) fills out the trio of crazies that escape a mental institution and kill an innocent couple when they find them hiding in the house they are planning on fixing up. Meanwhile, we find actor Joe Saxon (Joseph “Brick” Bardo) having troubles getting his career off the ground. His wife, Liz (Liz Renay), is a former actress that understands all too well the troubles of Hollywood. She wants them to move on and leave Tinseltown and we soon move out of the city and into Topanga Canyon where our trio of loonies surprise Joe, Liz, Liz’s sister Carol (Carolyn Brandt), and a movie director scouting locations, in the diner that Carol runs. Ray Dennis Steckler is escaped looney Herbie’s equally crazy brother, Mort “Mad Dog” Click, and he’s the worst of the lot. He shoots a traveling salesman for his car, stabs a dancehall hostess in her apartment with a pair of scissors, and is on the verge of attacking a kid in her yard if mom didn’t interrupt. Herbie calls his brother to come and pick them up when they run into trouble with Joe and Carol ruining their escape plans. The ending is one to be believed, and no spoilers here just in case you haven’t seen the film. Thrill Killers is part of Severin Films Ray Dennis Steckler box set, which will be available at the show. With Carolyn Brandt on hand for her first convention appearance, be sure to pick one up over the course of the CW Weekend.

THRUST! (2022)
In a dystopian future, men are getting scarce as they are being purged from the World by ruling girl gangs. Dirtbag Mike isn’t going down without a fight. He escapes a detention facility and goes on a rampage. He soon finds himself hunted by lovers Aloe and Vera, who, like most that have crossed Dirtbag Mike’s path, hold a grudge because of his evil ways.

A homage to the TV horror host show, Uncle Sleazo presents a trio of terror tales that come complete with TV commercials and movie trailers. A young couple hit what appears to be wolf in CURSE OF THE BETA WOLF. In The SOULMATE, best friends Emily and Laura visit a psychic. Laura is looking to find her true soulmate… and may not like what the psychic has to tell her. In TRANSFERAL, we find a guy out for an evening run that comes across a shadowy figure in the road that soon follows him home.

There’s a group of cannibalistic killers roaming the city and leaving a trail of mutilated partially eaten victims and gore drenched crime scenes in their wake. One evening, they just happen to come across the wife of the deceptive in charge of investigating and tracking them down and wait for him to get home. It’s the 25th Anniversary of this gory little Canadian horror outing and the first thing our old friend Jef Grenier, who’s been screening his Killer Cup films at CW for years now, worked on.