Weird-Ohs "Car-icky-tures" Model Kits

Weird-Ohs "Car-icky-tures" Model Kits

In 2006 The Hawk Model Company reissued the 1963 Weird-Ohs line of model kits. There were 12 in the series and to show our age, they were quite popular growing up. All having a sports or racing theme to them. We have three of the available, all in original shrink wrap and packaging.

Choose from: Francis the Foul (the way out dribbler), Killer McBash (the dazzling decimator), or Sling Rave Curvette (the way out spectator).

The boxes are a little deformed due to the original shrink wrap continuing to shrink up over the years, but no major damage to the boxes.

  • $8.00
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      1.0000 lbs
  • Please Choose:
    Francis the Foul, Killer McBash, Sling Rave Curvette

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