Ultra Violent

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  • Ultra Violent #06

    Interviews with Ruggero Deodato, Hideshi Hino, Don Edmonds, Mariano Baino, Mike Mendez, and Gorman Bechard. Plus, and update on Something Weird Video, a look at Nunsploitation films, independent films, and obscure Brazilian underground stuff. Plenty of DVD, book, video reviews, and more await you in UV #6!

    • $6.00
  • Ultra Violent #11

    Interviews with Demons star Geretta Geretta, I Drink You Blood star Lynn Lowry, the Wizard Of Gore himself Ray Sager, and others! Plus, a retrospective on masked supercriminals, Toe Tag Pictures latest; Sella Turcica, a shit load of movie reviews, and so much more. You’ll find it all in the 112 pages that fill out UV #11.

    • $6.00

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