Shock Cinema

  • Shock Cinema #18

    Shock Cinema #18

    Interviews with Victor Argo, Jessie Vint and Kinji Fukasaku pad out this issues regular stash of movie reviews-a-plenty. Whatcha waiting for? Buy an issue and get reading!
    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #19

    Shock Cinema #19

    Interviews with James “Drugstore Cowboy” Remar, scriptwriter Lorenzo Semple, Jr., Don Gordon and Jared Martin. Plus, plenty of the expected movie and video reviews and more!
    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #20

    Shock Cinema #20

    Interviews with actors Michael Moriarty, Joseph Turkel and Keith David; screenwriter W.D. Richter, and producer/director Lee Frost. Plus, all the usual reviews you’ve come to expect!
    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #22

    Shock Cinema #22

    Interviews with actors M. Emmet Walsh, Bradford Dillman, Nick Mancuso, and cinematographer Michael Chapman. Plus, over 90 honest film, DVD, video and movie reviews. You can’t go wrong with Shock Cinema.
    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #24

    Shock Cinema #24

    Interviews with actor/filmmaker Tom Noonan, actors Edmund Purdom and Lance Henriksen, and director Irvin Kershner. Plus reviews, reviews, and more reviews.
    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #28

    Shock Cinema #28

    Interviews with actor Clint Howard, Tetsuo and Tokyo Fist director Shinya Tsukamoto, stuntman and actor Sig Shore, producer Richard Rubinstein (no “hissing” please) and film composer Donald Rubinstein (who’s nowhere near the dick his brother is.) Add in all of the great reviews of drive-in swell and cinema trashola that you’ve come to expect from Shock Cinema.
    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #30

    Shock Cinema #30

    Interviews with actors William Forsythe, Gregg Henry, and Per Oscarsson. Plus directors Matt Cimber and Anthony Lanza. Plus the usual batch of great cult, arthouse, drive-in and underground films found nowhere else. Over 75 in this issue alone!
    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #32

    Shock Cinema #32

    Interviews with actors Ronny Cox, Enrico Colantoni and Tim Thomerson; editor Bud Smith, and director Steve Carver. Plus all the usual reviews!
    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #33

    Shock Cinema #33

    Interviews with actors Michael Ironside, Belinda Balaski, Austin Pendleton, and director/producer Arthur Marks. Plus over 70 film, DVD, video and book reviews! No fan can go wrong with the lastest Shock Cinema!
    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #35

    Shock Cinema #35

    Interviews with actors Sy Richardson and Tony Musante, actress Suzanna Love, and director-stuntman Chuck Bail. Plus over 75 film, DVD, video and book reviews! No fan can go wrong with an issue of Shock Cinema... Ever!
    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #36

    Shock Cinema #36

    Interviews with actor Richard Lynch, director Richard Rush, actress Linda Haynes and actress Jennifer Ashley. Plus over 70 film, DVD, and book reviews. No better magazine of it’s type is published today, and while other magazines keep raising their cover price, Shock Cinema is still only $5.00
    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #37

    Shock Cinema #37

    Interviews with Dick Anthony Williams (The Mack, Anderson Tapes, etc.), James Hampton (China Syndrome), Jorge Rivero (Soldier Blue, The Last Hard Man), and Francine York (Doll Squad, Centerfold Girls and Bat Man). Plus over 75 film, DVD, and book reviews! How can you go wrong?
    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #38

    Shock Cinema #38

    Interviews with actors Ed Lauter (Longest Yard, Magic, Family Plot), Jim Kelly (Enter the Dragon, Black Belt Jones), Jack Betts (plenty of Spaghetti Westerns, Spider-Man, Gods and Monsters) and director Gordon Hessler (Golden Voyage of Sinbad, Kiss Meets the Phantom, Oblong Box, Scream and Scream Again, etc) top the bill this issue. You also get all of the great DVD and movie reviews you’ve come to expect from one of the best review magazines out there! - Still only $5.00
    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #39

    Shock Cinema #39

    Interviews with actors Luke Askew and Nigel Davenport, actress Marlene Clark, Director Michael Schultz, and producer Paul Lewis highlite this issue. Plus the usual batch of great movie and DVD reviews for films no other magazine covers. For all you get in every issue, Shock Cinema is still the best magazine bargain on the rack!
    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #40

    Shock Cinema #40

    Your guide to Cult Movies, Arthouse Oddities, and Drive-in Swill returns with another 70 film, DVD, and book reviews! Plus, interviews with Clint Walker (TV’s Cheyenne, The Dirty Dozen, and TV movie, Killdozer), Louisa Moritz (Death Race 2000 and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest), Aubrey Morris (A Clockwork Orange and The Wicker Man), James McEachin (Play Misty for Me, Black Klansman, and Tenafly), and Roger Ward (Mad Max, Stone, etc).
    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #41

    Shock Cinema #41

    Here’s another issue of Shock Cinema, packed once again with another 50 or so reviews to some of the wildest and weirdest films ever made, including what’s new to DVD. And don’t forget the interviews! SC 41 once again presents some great interviews with the likes of Michael Beck (The Warriors, Battletruck, Megaforce), Nancy Allen (Blow Out, Dressed to Kill, Carrie), Burton Gilliam (Paper Moon, Blazing Saddles, Gator), Judy Pace (Cotton Comes to Harlem, Cool Breeze, Frogs), and director Larry Yust (Trick Baby, Homebodies).
    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #43

    Shock Cinema #43

    The magazine that serves the “wasteland” crowd better than any other is back with another issue, featuring interviews with Chris Elliott (Cabin Boy, There’s Something About Mary), Bruce Davison (Willard, Ulzana’s Raid, Lathe of Heaven), Steve Railsback (Stunt Man, Helter Skelter, Ed Wood), Ian Ogilvy (She-Beast, Witchfinder General, The Sorcerers), and O-Lan Jones (Edward Scissorhands, Mars Attacks, Natural Born Killers). Plus the usual 50 or so movie and DVD reviews.
    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #44

    Shock Cinema #44

    Interviews with Stuart Whitman, Shirley Knight, Barbara Bouchet, and Jon Polito. Plus the usual batch of great cult, arthouse, drive-in and underground films found nowhere else!
    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #45

    Shock Cinema #45

    The best movie review and interview magazine out there is back with a new issue, featuring interviews with Stacy Keach (too many cool films to count), Peter Stormare (Fargo, 8mm), Charles Dierkop (The Sting, Police Woman), Jenny Wright (Near Dark) and Robert Loggia (again, with too many cool films to count). It’s also packed with the usual film, DVD, and book reviews you’ve come to expect. And the best part? It’s still only $5
    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #46

    Shock Cinema #46

    In depth interviews with Tim Matheson (Animal House, Fletch, Burn Notice), Scott Wilson, David Huddleson (Blazing Saddles, Big Lebowski), Mike Starr (Goodfellas, Dumb & Dumber), and Peter Jason (48 Hours, Rio Lobo); and another heaping batch of movie, DVD, zine, and book reviews await you in SC #46! Shock Cinema isn’t just the best value in magazines today, where crap filled mags I can’t read most of are costing $12 or more per skimpy issue, but the only magazine out there that actually interviews people who haven’t been interviewed to death while offering up reviews of films you’ll want to search out and not just another stale review of the latest release of some shit you already saw and have read - or completely ignored - 100 reviews of already. Give SC a try and you’ll be hooked!

    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #47

    Shock Cinema #47

    Always packed with reviews of films you’ll never see reviewed in other publications, Shock Cinema delivers with every issue. We always look forward to the in depth interviews, and this time around, you’ll find interviews with John Doe (Road House, Boogie Nights), Harris Yulin (Scarface, Ghostbusters 2), Richard Anderson (Forbidden Planet, etc.), Angel Tompkins (The Teacher, Little Cigars Mob) and Ken Swofford (Hunter’s Blood, Common Law Cabin). Plus, DVD and book reviews.

    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #48

    Shock Cinema #48

    After 25 years, Shock Cinema still offers up more reviews per issue that we here at CW actually want to read than any other magazine out there. Plus, you get interviews with people you don’t see interviewed (poorly) in other magazines. In this issue, you get interviews with M.C. Gainey (Con Air, Django Unchained, Sideways), Richard Masur (The Thing, Who’ll Stop the Rain), Colleen Camp (Apocalypse Now, Game of Death), Jane Merrow (The Girl-Getters), and author and screenwriter William Hjortsberg (Legend, Angel Hart, Thunder and Lightning). Plus, plenty of the already mentioned movie reviews, Book reviews, ‘Zine Reviews, and more.

    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #49

    Shock Cinema #49

    Shock Cinema is now just one issue away from it’s 50th issue, and seems to get better and better with age. This issue offers up interviews with Michael York (Logan’s Run, Three & Four Musteteers, Island of Dr. Morau), Linda Purl (Little Ladies of the Night, A Last Cry For Help), Kristine DeBell (Meatballs, The Big Brawl, Alice in Wonderland: An X Rated Musical), Terry Carter (Abby, Foxy Brown), and Steve Eastin (Con Air, Night Warning). Plus, the usual cult movie reviews, DVD release info, and more!

    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #50

    Shock Cinema #50

    Shock Cinema reaches its 50th issue, which is quite the achievement considering it only publishes twice a year. This issue features interviews with Saul Rubinek (Unforgiven, True romance, Wall Street), Pepe Serna (Scarface, Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, Car Wash), Stuart Margolin (Kelly’s Heroes, Rockford Files, Death Wish), Paul Calderon (Pulp Fiction, King f New York, Cop Land), and Richard Riehle (Office Space, Casino, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas). Plus, it’s packed with film, DVD and book reviews that you’ve all come t expect. And best of all? It’s still only $5

    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #51

    Shock Cinema #51

    While other magazines disappear, turn into shells of their former self, and/or just plain ol’ suck, Shock Cinema survives by doing what it’s always done. Namely, offering up first rate interviews, like it does this time around with Dabney Coleman, Chris Sarandon, Tracey Walter, Mills Watson, and David Hewitt; as well as offering up loads of well written reviews for films that haven’t been reviewed to death every time a DVD company re-issues something you’ve seen a hundred times and sends out screeners knowing you’ll get some lame ass review you’ve already read a dozen times. Fuckin’ A… I’m really sick and tired of seeing the same shit reviews time after time in other magazines! Fortunately, I always find stuff to read and reviews of films I haven't seen in Shock Cinema, and you will too. And the best part? It all comes at your for a measly $5.

    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #52

    Shock Cinema #52

    For over 25 years now, SC has been filling the void that other magazines don’t bother with - indy films, made for TV movies, and interviews with tons of “wasteland” type people… the latest issue includes interviews with actor Jon Gries (Joysticks, Get Shorty, Napoleon Dynamite), comic-actor Warren Berlinger (Cannonball Run, The Long Goodbye), Larry Scott (Revenge of the Nerds, Space Camp, Fear of a Black Hat), Art LaFleur (Field of Dreams, Trancers, Air America), and character actor William Morgan Sheppard (Max Headroom, Wild at Heart, Gettysburg). Plus loads of Movie, Blu-ray, and DVD reviews, books, zines, and more!

    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #53

    Shock Cinema #53

    The magazine specializing in cult movies, arthouse oddities, and drive-in flicks is back with another issue packed with oddball film, made for TV movie, and DVD reviews; along with interviews with James B. Sikking (Hill Street Blues, Outland), Jane Alexander (All the President’s Men, Testament, Brubaker), Stacey Nelkin (Get Crazy, Halloween 3), Chris Ellis (My Cousin Vinny, October Sky), and Randall Carver (Taxi, Time to Run, Detour to Terror). And best of all, it’s still only $5

    • $5.00
  • Shock Cinema #54

    Shock Cinema #54

    Tired of reading… or more than likely just ignoring the same movie reviews over and over every time another DVD or blu-ray reissue is released just because the magazine got a free copy? Us too. But we love movie reviews so we tend to read 99% of the reviews in every issue of Shock Cinema. Why? Because SC reviews “Wasteland Films” - the oddball stuff that falls between the cracks, made for TV movies, and assorted oddball cult films. The movie reviews, along with a few book reviews and some always interesting interviews brings us back issue after issue after issue. Oh, and speaking of interviews, SC 54 features interviews with James Darren (The Guns of Navarone, Time Tunnel), Kathleen Wilhoite (Murphy’s Law, Road House, Private School), Ron Masak (Ice Station Zebra, Evel Knievel), Fred Melamed (Lady Dynamite), and Robert Klane (Where’s Poppa?, Weekend At Bernies, Fire Sale). Best of all? While other magazines are now horribly over-priced for what is actually between the cover, SC is still only $5.00

    • $5.00