Double Feature: Golden Temple Amazons (1985) & Diamonds of  Kilimanjaro (1983)

Double Feature: Golden Temple Amazons (1985) & Diamonds of Kilimanjaro (1983)

Years ago, a mysterious forgotten fortress built over a gold mine was discovered by an explorer. He and his wife were promptly murdered for their trouble in GOLDEN TEMPLE AMAZONS. Their daughter Liana, however, was spared and grew up in the jungle raised by tribesmen. Now half nude and all grown up, Liana learns what happened to her parents and vows revenge. Ah yes, fantasy adventure stuff with a touch of Jess Franco. How can you go wrong?

Searching for Diana, an English girl missing since childhood, an expedition ventures into darkest Africa in DIAMONDS OF KILIMANJARO. Now a beautiful young women, Diana is a naked goddess worshipped by the savage cannibals who originally abducted her. Ever wonder what would happen if Spanish cult director Jess Franco turned the “Tarzan” myth into one of his own? Then look no further, because you won’t find a more perverted world of sex and cannibals than you’ll find here.

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