Street Trash: The Comic Book #1
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Street Trash: The Comic Book #1

Mike Lackey played “Fred the Bum” in the cult film, Street Trash. He’s also an artist and comic book writer who’s worked for the major comic companies. Several years ago, he began work on a graphic novel based on the original Street Trash screenplay by writer / producer Roy Frumkes.

Life tends to get in the way some times, so he didn’t get it finished in time for the Street Trash Cast Reunion we held at our Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo the weekend of April 1-3, 2016. What he did do was gather up the first two parts of the story he’s working on and print them into a 48 page comic book with a few pages of original stuff to make it special for the CW Show attendees.

Limited to 500 copies, each comic book contains an original sketch on the last “sketch and autograph” page from Mike Lackey. The Graphic novel will come out some time this year, but this cool little keepsake is a one of a kind.

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