Monsters from the Vault #09
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Monsters from the Vault #09

MFTV #9 includes: SHOCK TREATMENT by Steve Kronenberg. A look at the promotion of---and the rare promotional book of---1950s television's Shock Theater. Steve also reminisces about his first exposure, as a child of the fifties, to the Universal classics on Shock Theater!. BITS AND PIECES: American Cinema and Radio Representations of Shelley's Monster Before and During the Creation of Karloff by Gary Don Rhodes. The first cinematic and radio representations of Shelley's classic novel, FRANKENSTEIN, are discussed. CALLING ON CHRISTOPHER LEE: A Visit to the Actor's Chelsea Home by Mark A. Miller and Tom Johnson. Mark and Tom journeyed to England to meet Christopher Lee while researching their upcoming filmography book about the versatile actor. BATTLE OF THE BUGS: Tarantula vs. The Deadly Mantis by Bryan Senn and Lynn Naron. Tarantula and The Deadly Mantis, two classic 1950s "Big Bug" films, are examined in detail and compared. OH THE HORROR OF IT ALL by Robb White. The late Robb White (William Castle's favorite screenwriter) gives an inside look at what it was like to work with "The King of Ballyhoo." All this, plus editorial comments, letters, film reviews, book reviews, CD reviews, and tons of photos. Published Summer 1999.
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