Jesus the Total Douchebag (2012)
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Jesus the Total Douchebag (2012)

Once again poking his finger directly in the eye of the narrow-minded and hypocritical hate filled racists that give any honest christians a bad name by association, Bill Zebub unleashes another amusing comedy that pokes christian dogma right in the sphincter.

You’re not going to find an offensive swipe at christians or christianity here. That’s for the hate filled right to pull on everyone else, and Zebub won’t stoop to their levels of ignorance and bigotry. What you’ll find is a cleaver comedy that attempts to enlighten and educate while offering up plenty of hot naked chicks, a few attempts at abstract humor, and GWAR’s very own Oderus Urungus in the role of Satan. 18+ to order.  DVD

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