March 25, 2017

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Monthly Update:

The April 7-9 CW Show is now five weeks away and with as busy as we’ve been the last few weeks I didn’t think I’d get the Weekend Schedule of Films and Events posted for another week. But such is not the case. Here we are on March 1st, and the entire Weekend Schedule of Films and Events is finished and posted on the CW Show web site.

Just like always, you’ll find a “Click Here” button at the top of the FILMS AND EVENTS Page of the show’s site that will bring up a printable Weekend Schedule, or feel free to just use this handy link to get there from here.

We’ve got just over 61 hours worth of Indy Movies, 16mm Films, and assorted Programming planned for the April 7 - 9, 2017 Show, so be sure to plan your Wasteland Weekend in advance so you don’t miss anything you might want to see.

Even though we’re basically celebrating Night of the Living Dead with one big Reunion this time around, there is still plenty of other things to do and see all weekend long.

A few highlights to make note of include -

Rick Catizone was the animator that did the credit sequences on NOTLD, but he’s also done animation and effects work on plenty of other films, including Creepshow, Evil Dead 2 and Bill Hinzman’s Flesheater to name a few. Since he did more than just NOTLD credits, we gave him his own talk on Friday night at 8:00pm to kick off the weekend guest talks.

Attending horror show host Gunga Jim will once again be presenting a movie (Curse of Bigfoot) on Friday night, and you can catch the first episode of The Mummy and The Monkey Show before Gunga Jim’s presentation.

We are also starting Wasteland Trivia in the bar on Friday night at 10:30pm after the Guest and Vendor Room closes down for the night. Gather up your team of up to six people, and test your knowledge of all things Wasteland. The top three winning teams will split $100 in cash prizes.

Not into trivia? Then we’ve got a 16mm film “car chase” double feature in Movie Room 1 to keep you amused until 2:00am.

Saturday is B&W day in the Film Room. Starting with Invasion of the Saucer Men at 10:30am and ending with a midnight screening of Night of the Living Dead, everything we screen on Saturday in the Film Room with be B&W as a little homage to NOTLD.

There were ten original investors that got together to make Night of the Living Dead. Half of them are still with us and we have four of them attending the show, so we split up the the Night of the Living Dead talks into two separate panels on Saturday. The first panel will be with the four original investors we have with us, and the second will be with the attending cast and featured ghouls. We have a lot of ground to cover with a dozen NOTLD people so this way everyone gets a chance to speak and we get two different directions to go with the panels. There will be an hour or so between panels so everyone has a chance to get up and move around a bit between them, but both will take place on Saturday afternoon.

You’ll find the usual batch Independent movies and a couple guest related flicks playing all weekend, but we peppered the weekend with assorted zombie films to go with the the whole Night of the Living Dead theme of the weekend. After all, without NOTLD, there wouldn’t be zombie films as we know them today, would there?…

As stated, the entire Weekend Schedule of Films and Events is posted, so take a look, plot out your weekend, and we will see you all in five short weeks.

To end things this month, here are the usual last reminders before show time!

TICKETS: You can still grab yourself a 3-Day Pass into CW’s April 7-9, 2017 Show for only $40 if you act before March 17th. And a 3-Day Pass gets you in at 4:00pm on Friday, April 7th, at No Extra Charge. You can also grab Single Day Passes for only $20 each and save $5 off the at-the-door prices on Saturday between now and March 17th as well.
Come showtime, a 3-Day Pass will set you back $50 on Friday, which is still $25 to $50 or more less than most cons that are not named The Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo charges. Friday’s day-of-show price is $20, while Saturday is $25, and Sunday is still only $15.
You can grab your passes on line by clicking here.

HOTEL: There are only a few rooms available for Friday and Saturday night so take whatever they have available when making a reservation because the hotel will be sold out by show time. We take over the entire hotel, and since the motel next door raised its rates and is no longer a significant savings over the Show Hotel we tend to sell out ever faster than we used to. Help support the show and avoid the headache of having to stay down the road by making your room reservations today. Reserve your room through our web site, or by calling The Holiday Inn reservation line at 1-877-408-4913. Remember you MUST ask for “The Cinema Wasteland Room Rate”, or they really should tell you that they are ”sold out” and have no rooms. And PLEASE only reserve as many rooms as you plan on using.

IF YOU DON’T BUY A PASS INTO THE SHOW, THEN STAY HOME! Our favorite reminder. If you don’t plan on purchasing a single day wrist band or three day pass to the show, then there is absolutely zero reason to make the drive or show up at the hotel as you will be asked to leave the hotel grounds by the convenient cop the hotel posts in the lobby on Friday and Saturday nights. CW regulars tell us all the time that they do not want you around and we can certainly see why they feel that way because we don’t really want you there either.

OK, that’s it for me this time around. Now that the schedule is posted and the April Show is pretty much ready to go, I guess I better start looking around for some Guests to have at the Fall Show. Keep your fingers crossed, and we will have our usual Fall Show advance flier ready to pass out at the next show.